please empty your brain below

You didn't find the bus then..... :-)

The mystery event has not occurred in any February since 2003. Has is happened at all outside Februray since 2003? Perhaps the Queen is never going to pop in for a cup of tea?

Moon landing, dragon slaying, marrying a princess? Is there the slightest chance that the mystery count will ever be more than zero? Or are you just teasing us?

I made a couple of guesses in the comments at the start of the month but the trouble is there are so many things you could count, like number of times he has been out on a date, the number of times he has cried or the number of times he has had his hair cut. It is almost not worth trying to guess but we still do because we are human and we have a natural curiosity (read as are nosey and hate not knowing).

Though like I said in the comments of the post at the half way mark, if he posts on the 1st of March that had the count included the 29th the mystery count would have been 1 I will scream.

>and (mostly) kitten-free.

Debster, he's looking at you.

I doubt the "stand on the right" policy applies to escalators in Shopping Malls and department stores. I don't normally attempt to walk up escalators in those locations unless I am the only rider.
Good effort on your part for trying to.

one wonders if there is even any conceivable possibility that the Mystery Circumstance might happen?

39,950 visitors isn't bad! I wonder if you'll get to 40,000 by the end of the day today?

Anyway, I've been reading your blog for several years now, and I still have no idea what the Mystery Count is. Is it the number of times you've visited a Starbucks, or the number of tube trains you've travelled on that haven't been delayed in any way?

Well, if we knew what the mystery count was, perhaps we could help make it happen (at least once). If DG doesn't want it to happen it won't, (and this may be the real reason why it hasn't?). Otherwise, the count is a completely random 'event' and God knows why anyone should wait around for it to happen, eh Godot?

I hope, for your sake, Count 10 isn't to do with sex.

Maybe the mystery count, is number of real dates, or girlfriends?

If it was anyone else I would say you should get out more but that would be almost immposible in your case.
Your blog is fascinating

I should have known m'favourite blogger is an escalator walker-upper: hurrah.
*ruins compliment by adding that I know my cats would walk up escalators Should The Need Arise.*

Who is the Diamond Geezer on Linked-in?

He might be looking at me, but I reckon if everybody in the world spent a bit more time with kittens, the world would be a better place.

Maybe the mystery count is something we wouldn't want to happen, like DG being hospitalised/arrested/burgled/sued/sacked or, perish the thought, not blogging.

If it is, I hope it remains at zero for many years to come!

I can confirm that the mystery count between last February and this February was greater than zero.

Ah go on, give yourself another 24 hours to do stuff this February and add it to the count!

I think your mystery count is the number of times where you mention the mystery count, and nobody comments about it or tries to guess what it is.

Ah, bugger - the numbers have been updated, and the mystery event didn't occur on the 28th either. Congratulations on getting past 40000 visitors, though!

Perhaps it is to do with receiving Christmas presents?

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