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The line extension plan is still on the cards. I've done a couple of feasibility studies for it over the years. Even further off is an aspiration (dream?) to link up to the NNR at Holt to create a Norfolk Orbital Railway.

Good article DG - another place to add to the list to visit.


Going through to Holt would be - to use a phrase I don't utter often - awesome. But even a linkup with Fakenham would give an incredible lift to that bit of Norfolk. Can't see it happening, but it would be wonderful.

[carry on, London people]

For more on the Norfolk Orbital Railway, see the link in the post marked "maybe even useful".

[carry on Johnny]

The view through the glass bulk head of what the modernists call a class 101 diesel multiple unit but I always knew as a Metropolitan Cammell Blue Square 2 car brings back memories of Buxton to Millers Dale and Hayfield to Manchester Piccadilly. These were incredibly long lived pieces of equipment - you could have started as an office boy (do they still exist?) and finished as a Mananaging Director whilst commuting to work on the same rolling stock. The Health and Safety movement spelled an end to glass bulk heads but like many my route knowledge was based on sitting in the right hand front passenger seat so I could see the driver, the controls and the way ahead.These days the only similar thrill is riding at front(or back) of the DLR - but there are no dials to watch and usually no driver.

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