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On a beautiful spring morning walking through London before it gets busy is a delight. When it's hacking down with driving sleet in January, it's less fun...

Walk to work week sounds a great idea but I walk a mile and a half from Waterloo anyway, and would be hard pressed to shanks it all the way from Guildford. I suppose I could be persuaded to get out one stop before at Vauxhall and stroll in from there. If the weather's nice...

Well done DG, I've been walking home from work for two years now. This is because I can't face walking there although I did try that for a few months.
It's well worth it even the saving in fares although I don't feel healthier and there's no effect on the waistline either. Just a nice stroll on dry days.
Won't be able to do it when I move to the suburbs though...

I'm lucky enough to be able to walk to work every morning (about a couple of miles from Oval to Westminster). I've been doing it rain or shine since 2002, and would now really miss it if I couldn't. Mind you, since Ken gave kids free bus passes, I couldn't get on the bus now even if I wanted to...

I think that visiting a city, any city, really early in the morning is often a fascinating experience and you see the city and what goes on in a different light (both literally and metaphorically).

I still look back with fondness to my first job after leaving school as a bus conductor going over Westminster Bridge early in the morning on a sunny spring day. Earth has not anything to show more fair. Any more fares ? Any more fares ? (© W Wordsworth and M Flanders).

When I was temporarily transferred up to Glasgow last year, the 30 minute walk between my parents' house and the office was a fantastic way to start and end the day - even in Glasgow in November.
Sadly the 9 miles between work and home in London means I'm stuck with the tube for now.

Im not walking from Eltham to Waterloo for ANYBODY. As it was, I felt a bit odd on the train and decided to get the 507 Bendy Bus from the station to Lambeth Palace Road. However, I waited about 5 minutes with no sign of any bus (and a huge crowd at the stop) so asked one of the resident phlanx of bus-inspector-type people all flouting the "no smoking" notices whether the 507s were actually running and was told that they didnt know so fuck off. Which was nice. So I had to walk anyway, pausing at County Hall to be gently sick into a litter bin.

Bravo D.G. I'd walk to work, only I work upstairs. So I walk to the grocery store and tote home sacks of groceries uphill instead.

Who knows... someday you may even purchase a bicycle!

You took a different route home in the evening, didn't you? Love it. Makes me wasnt to come back to London, just so i can walk along quiet summer streets at the city is waking up at 6 in the morning.

I wonder how many ladies workplace shoes are designed for walking to work!
I'm a mum and walk everywhere, dragging the brats behind me much to their annoyance! :D
But as a kid I used to get up very early in the summer hols and just walk the streets, revelling in the emptiness. I wouldn't let mine do that these days though! :o

I'm normally lazy and get the Central Line for one stop from Liverpool Street to Bank on the way to work. However, the pleasant weather recently has encouraged me to walk it. On a sunny day it can be quite a pleasant amble through the heart of the City, past the entrance to Tower 42 and the Bank of England.

I also usually take walks at lunchtime to get a bit of fresh air. London really is a great but understated city for walking.

I used to walk to work most mornings, and back some evenings, when the journey in q was Swiss Cottage-Bloomsbury.

Largely a very pleasant walk, over Primrose Hill, down the east side of Regent's Park (particularly lovely at this time of year, with tulips abloom in the English Gardens), thru Taverstock or Russell Squares. I also learned to get a sense from air pressure, etc, if rain might be imminent in the mornings; if so, I could stay in bed for another hour and get the tube instead.

Now I live 40 miles from where I work, and the train I get into London doesn't stop for about 35 miles before it arrives at the London even getting off a stop early and walking from there isn't an option.

Although just wandering is always a great way to pick upt he atmosphere and character of a city

Oh dear, I forgot about the walking day, is it too late to do it next week?
It's 1.9 miles, the husband usually takes me by car, Redhill to Reigate (mostly uphill).

Used to walk to work for a year from Shoreditch to Chancery Lane, lovely street market halfway in Exmouth Street. And Mount Pleasant was indeed a little hilly.

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