please empty your brain below

You better tell us what the Mystery Count is then before it is too late!

Glad it's not just me who immediately thinks of Blondie's car-eating opus whenever the great day is mentioned.

you won't get to finish the Capital Ring either. or the last couple of borough from the jam jar, dammit!

ps. Debster, if you're reading this you'll be thrilled to know that this time, someone HAS actually thought of the kittens!

Only the last one is The Word, as far as I'm concerned.

Alas for Doctor Who fans, tonight's episode starts at the later-than-usual time of 6.45pm (5.45 GMT), so you'll only get to see the first 15 mins. Can we record/timeshift the Rapture for later viewing?

I am glad the kittens will be safe! Although they do not do feral pets so your pet hedgehogs will be in trouble.

Is it at the same instant all over the world or has it already happened in New Zealand?

I chuckled all the way through that, and laughed very loudly at the Blondie bit. Great post DG.

Debster - so no-one's been taken for the Rapture in New Zealand? proves nothing - it might just be that no New Zealanders were chosen by God for the rapture.

Funny - in my Bible, Revelation Chapter 5 only has 15 verses - they must have left something out in translation!

I know pastor camping is wrong, but is there really any need to take the piss like this?

Well 6pm GMT is only 11am where I am, and I was looking forward to the first lovely day in ages to do some yardwork! Not fair you get to enjoy your Saturday to the full first!
Guess I'll wait another 5 minutes to see what happens!

Cornish Cockney - you've forgotten the UK is on daylight saving: it's only 6pm BST - which is 5pm GMT. Enjoy that extra hour!

Been here before:

I have not seen any people disappearing right now. So what does that say about all of my friends? And what am I doing still here?

That's it - we've all been chosen, and experienced The Rapture

Boring in heaven, isn't it?

Very funny! Glad I haven't been taken up to heaven (not that I really expected it) - as Timbo says, a boring place: no possibility of literature, music, art, irony, laughter...

¿ǝɹǝɥ dn ǝuo ʎןuo ǝɥʇ ı ɯɐ

@Simon G - yes, it is absolutely necessary to ridicule the riciculous.

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