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Love the photos of Gants Hill.
Great piece...never realised about the Banardos home or the festival at Fairlop
All that flat space around there is often (but not always) referred to as Fairlop Plain. Seeing as you don't get many Plains in Britain (bit like Capes), I've always thought it might be somewhere a bit out of the ordinary, but no...
I don't think that Fullwell Cross and Fairlop station are a 'not insignificant walk away.' TfL Journey Planner gives an eight minute walk between the two but I've done it in five minutes before (and I wasn't running).

My question is though, when I put Canada Water - Fullwell Cross into Journey Planner, it tells me to get the Central line to only Gants Hill and then get a bus. Why? There's nicer places than Gants Hill roundabout at 6am on a Saturday morning...
Out of the ordinary Fairlop plain is not. And Hainault (away from the forest) is as featureless and charmless as suburbia gets...

I have to agree with those citing the closeness of Fairlop tube to Fulwell Cross. Far closer to the centre of Barkingside than Barkingside tube. A somewhat underused station, to be honest, even since it started opening at weekends.
"a stranger unexpectedly snapping your outbuildings"

Erm, and what if London's most popular blogger does that?
I hope pupils at the the school you passed (King Solomon High School) are not learning IT from old Amstrad word processors from the 1980s.
The Fairlop Brass Band practices in the hall at the back of St Francis church. My teenage son plays in their junior section. It does feel really badly connected in transport terms - but then we live in Stratford and so are spoilt!
Wonderful post about the are where I grew up and lived until about six months ago. Just a quick correction - it is Fullwell with two l's; Fulwell is the one in south London.

Looking forward to the next installment!

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