please empty your brain below

A new variant of C-19, our parting gift to Europe - listening to a report on the radio, a plane that arrived in Germany from the UK saw all passengers that were German citizens let through customs, but UK ones held for testing.
I’m not letting Boris Johnson telling me what l can or can’t do, or with whom, by laws “made up on the telly”.
Though not of the same medical, social or economic impact, there is the other great ongoing pandemic:

The TR4 banana fungus pandemic (aka Panama disease) which is steadily infecting the worldwide crop of Cavendish banana (the predominate type since the previously popular Gros Michel type has largely succumbed to a similar fungus called TR1)

No know cure or way to eradicate (spores contaminate the ground effectively forever); prevention is limited to careful biosecurity measures to prevent transference of fungus spores.

Breeding programmes ongoing to try and find a replacement variety which is not impacted by TR4 or similar diseases but nothing viable/good yielding yet. (and apparently Cavendish is not as nice to eat as Gros Michel) Bananas are mostly grown from cuttings rather than seeds so much of the worlds crop is fundamentally the same exact plant genome.

Plantains can be similarly affected and are a valuable food crop in some countries.

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