please empty your brain below

It's always fun to set your everyday routine to the tune of some 80s pop record.

I hope your train ran okay after costing you £30 - tried to get to Liverpool Street on Saturday, but they had closed it (again), so it was the Victoria Line for me...

Er, this wasn't at all recent, Andrew...

It sounds like DG got a girlfriend or a pet.

Stunned. There's something very powerful in this homage that I cant quite put my finger on.

DG you surprise me every time. 10 years is no time at all.


(And the original is one of my favourite Abba songs).

I think I'd given up on Brookie by then and don't think I saw that TOTP either but that's irrelevant, isn't it? Why is it that someone else's specific minutiae make a tale seem so much more like it could equally be ours?


Hi DG, I have never heard the Abba song before (a glimpse into your music collection eh?) but played it alongside reading your version of lyrics - great fun, thanks!

a girlfriend, or a pet, or perhaps a blog...?

DG, you're a McGonagall for our times. At least I thought you were until I spotted the Abba and Blancmange apologies.

Sounds like something (or someone) good has happened to you. Hope so.

I rather fear the worst. The lyrics imply doom, rain and living with blame during and after "the day on which you came". But clever play on words, as usual, DG, so well done!

I love this song, it's my favourite Abba number after "Eagle"... it's very bitter though, or at least that's the way it comes across to me. Basically the title should have been "I wish I'd never met you" :

I hope the crisps were Worcester Sauce flavour?

A lost stanza from T.S. Elliott!



So .... it all started on 17th January 1998 and ended 3rd November 1999?

As a long time reader of DG I think I know where we're at with this one. DG, genius as ever.

Ah, reading the comments I see alfred is on the money too

Considering the different 'pet' classification possibilities has kept me entertained in quiet moments today.

Excellent stuff there, DG. We long-time regulars may care to flatter ourselves that we know of what you speak...

(But the sad thing about it was that, for the first four verses at least, I thought you were sharing something new and lovely with us. Let's hope that one of these days, there might be a new and lovely reason to re-write the song a second time...)

May I just point out that the Blancmange 12" version is the definitive version.

And I'll fight any man who says otherwise.

Strange thing - I always liked this song, and listened to it simply as "I was bored and aimless and then I met a new love - hurrah!", but someone I knew then insisted it was about Death arriving and claiming the narrator ...! (I don't hang around with that person much any more ...!)

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