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The Hillingdon Trail is one of my favourite walks although it is many years since I had the pleasure. Thanks for taking me back.

(It's well worth carrying on past Harefield to the end at Springwell Lock then onto the Grand Union towpath to Batchworth - the views and scenery are quite special IMO)
Very interesting read today. The Hillingdon trail is now on my list of things to check off at some point.

"Ahead lies Mad Bess Wood, a nominal mystery so ignore those legends about the ghost of a headless horsewoman."

How exactly am I expected to ignore a headless horsewoman? ;)
I was more fortunate than you and gained entry to St Mary’s . It looks so ordinary from the outside but the monuments within are stunning.
The church appears in many 60's dramas including UFO and a dodgy Gerry Anderson serial called The Secret Service
From 1957 till 1963 Ruislip lido woods and Mad Bess woods were my playground my friends and would spend many hours playing in those woods.
The Hillingdon Trail has long been on my list of walks to do, having done other walks in the area like the LOOP and Celandine Route.

The HS2 works have disrupted a few walks but are quite interesting to walk past.
Last year I walked the sections south of RAF Northolt whilst following the Yeading Brook/River Crane but have been thinking recently how long it's been since I last visited Ruislip Woods.

My usual walk takes me to the right after the initial heathland into the woods, following the track of the miniature railway.
I keep meaning to turn left into Copse Woods. This section seems to have it all - a nice mixture of woods and open land, so has just risen further up my to-do list.
Soooo close to me whilst visiting St Mary's! I could have brought the dog and a thermos and took you just a few more yards down the lane to Harefield's secret garden. So much history in this small area, you should visit for a dedicated post.

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