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I do like the way you have set out the info, Kitcat Terrace?, any other confectionary road names around?

dg writes: It's named after a local parish priest.
Wow, what a mess! That's a cracking table DG - very interesting.
Absolutely brilliant table, a model of clarity, presumably the 30 minute bus journey was put to good use. I watched 'Question Time' last night: one of the audience complained about how hard it is to find the unit cost (per kwh)of energy, you should offer your services as an expert in converting the complicated into the understandable. Great post, well done.
Echo the above. A brilliant table. To see it at its best, make the browser page as narrow as possible!
If you are fascinated by the graphical presentation of this information, check out Edward Tufte:
Erm, we bailed off an eastbound 25 near Coborn Road on the way to the Olympic Park on Tuesday. We left the bus for dust as we dawdled off towards the Bow Roundabout. The bus had already taken over an hour from High Holborn (near Red Lion Street).

The roadworks at Aldgate were looking interesting, especially in front of St Botolph's Church. Who knew there was so much space there?

I don't envy Leon Daniels's job at the moment though.
I drove through there yesterday. What should have been a 15 minute journey turned out to be 50 minutes and I was late for my hospital appointment.

All for cyclists eh!
The really confusing thing for pedestrians has been the ever changing selection of pedestrian crossings to use (or indeed lack of them) - for a while the only working/unblocked crossing between Bow Road station and Bow Church was at the Campbell Road lights. The rather unhelpful blank signs they put out with "Nearest crossing <->" don't help!
That really is hell! I'm glad I don't live there!
It's even more fun if your journey continues down Upper/Lower Thames Street, which looks pretty much the same for that part of the Cycle Superhighway.

4 lanes down to 2 right now, and from what I can see, they don't intend to go back up to even 3 lanes in some places (e.g., under Cannon Street Station, that third lane is for dedicated bus stops out of the way of the future single lane of traffic). Not that you can find detailed plans for the route, there are a few snippets on the TfL website but that's it.

Still, at least they are using a nice consistent segregation barrier design all the way!
@Agent Z
...whereas if the roadworks had been for motor vehicles then it would have been fine.

Couldn't you have alighted at the first or second bus stop and walked the remaining distance given what little progress you were making by that juncture?
I cycle on the Blackfriars Road and over the bridge daily, and I must say that the works there seem to be going rather more smoothly than DG reports is happening on the Bow Road.
Dg. You do not mention whether that muppet ever got stop M right. Is there still a 205 alighting point only, where we all would join the route for the first stop? What a shambles the whole thing is. but the project manager will probably get a big fat bonus

dg writes: That's because I wrote about the 205 tile being removed in November, and people don't like me repeating myself every time.
@ shirokazan, re: comment @ Agent Z...
But these roadworks aren't for anyone else, are they!? They are just for cyclists.
My biggest pity is for the poor old lady who died recently at Elephant & Castle, probably because - at least in part - no-one can work out where the bloody hell they're supposed to be going, any more :(
"They are just for cyclists"

Which means they are for everyone then. Cycling is no more or less open to an individual than motorised transportation.

Indeed. I don't know how many can't cycle, but I'd imagine that the number who can't drive must be far higher, and would include everyone under the age of 17 of course.
Fascinatingly awful. And presumably DG gave up a few minutes walk from the station on a fine winter evening, in order to sit in the upstairs front seat of a bus and take photos, and also to time the v-e-r-y s-l-o-w journey.
All this money and disruption for a very small minority. You can stand in Stratford High St any rucsh hour morning and see no more than a couple of cyclists using the lanes whereby hundreds are being inconvienienced in buses cars and lorries. Cycling is not appropriate on major London routes.
Cyclist's-eye-view of CS2 westbound from Stratford to Aldgate.

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