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I got home late last night after an evening out. Normally I'd stay up for a couple of hours and write another post. But after half a dozen of yesterday's more ungrateful comments, I decided not to bother.
The fact that you have a large regular readership, some of whom,like me, have read your blog daily for several years shows that you have a loyal readership.
When I read a newspaper I never read the sport pages, but I still get the paper for all the other items I am interested in.
Some days I find your blog is about a topic/place I am not interested in, but in the case of your blog I still read it unlike the newspaper sport which I skip.
The dg style of writing makes it worth reading even if the subject that day is of no interest to me.
I loved your post btw, some people will always whine.
I agree with John. I'm sure you have many readers like me who rarely comment but read your blog every day. Unfortunately people can post comments that they would never consider saying face to face. I hope that some of yesterday's commenters will think about what they wrote.

Don't be disheartened DG.
Ignore the moaners, dg. Your blog is a great read day in, day out.
Well said DG. I suggest unhappy readers apply for a refund at the normal address etc!
Certain commenters were not ungrateful, it seems, but had rather missed your intention. Those of us that know that football is just a business - and absolutely nothing to do with Sport - realise that most blokes take the 'game' very seriously and just cannot recognise when someone with a clear mind can take the piss and spill out knowledgeable diarrhoea as if it is 'real'. Yours was a splendid example dg and did the job of exposing those who took it too seriously and so it brought objections. Or they just didn't read it at the end, where all becomes clear. It worked! Keep it up... we have come to expect this kind of Truth...
If you had posted about KITTENS, this would never have happened. :-D
I read your blog everyday. Sometimes, the posts don't interest me. Probably the ones where you've gone to some dreary National Trust property that I don't find that interesting, and I might skip over it.

I never feel compelled to tell you this.

(Oh, until now)

Sorry that there are people who read your blog DG that don't get it. It's okay, the world needs idiots.
As I said yesterday, I liked yesterday's blog for its style despite the fact that I have o interest in the subject.

DG, I don't know how you manage to produce such quality material so routinely and even you are allowed a day off!
If you intend to direct more visitors to this comment section, this will be success.

As foreign reader yesterday I looked for an explanation of that unreadable paragraph. Of course I chose geofftech's one about PR.
There will always be some people who just don't get it - they probably don't understand April Fools Day either!

The rest of know to expect something 'out of left field' on occasions and yesterday's blog was spot on

Keep up the good work DG, and don't let the whingers get to you
Funny innit, since I've started reading DG's blog I've found out things about my home town that I did not previously know, some have interested me to the point of seeking them out, others not so much. But I read them all regardless and never feel the need to comment on something that does not hold any appeal for me personally, I'm still glad they're out there though. Keep up the good work DG as without you I'd have to find another first stop for my interweb day.
Fouls committed.
Player injured.
Cards shown.
Hands shaken.
Game resumes.
Your blog is one of the first things I read when I turn the computer on at work (along with Deptford Dame for SE London news) -- before I turn to the arduous task of deleting tedious emails. Black coffee and DG. Keep it up.

If it was I that caused you offence, then I'm really sorry. I clicked on the comments button (as I always do) and riffed off the previous poster with a well-worn "soccer" anecdote.

As I sometimes struggle to go back and write to my own site because of the blinding negativity (cf ) I get sometimes: I really should be the last person who does this to others.

Especially as you're my second port-of-call (after ) every day.


Dear Geez,
Please remember...there are people who like football...and everyone else is a wrongun!
I'm another who visits your site everyday dg. If there's something I'm not interested in then so what. What's the point in posting I don't like today's blog, just wait until there's something you do like to comment on , I guarantee it won't be of the best blogs on the www.
Add me to the list of those who read your blog every day, nearly always with great pleasure. If there's the odd one which doesn't interest me, I might 'speed read' it, but never think of complaining, whatever the content.

Keep up the good work! I often wonder how you can do it and also lead a normal life.
We are very lucky. We all take something different perhaps from DG's post but take is what we do. DG gives. A daily well-written, well-researched post. Reliably entertaining and informative. Thank you.
I can see why you're upset. It was a brilliant piece of writing, that must have taken ages to get just right, and to then have people diss it after reading just three lines no less, (therefore missing the whole irony of the piece) because it was on a subject they personally don't like, you have every right to pull us up on it!
We would do well in future to remember that old adage: Least said, soonest mended.
DG, the way I see it, yesterday you published a clever bit of satire, on a subject that some people hold dear to their hearts and highly identify with --and for that reason cannot see the humor. For some readers, I think you hit a nerve they didn't know was there.

I immediately saw the humor because I have absolutely no interest in sports or sport, so that is what I would hear if I listened to the real thing. I did not need to read the post to get the gist.

I immediately recalled the Gary Larson cartoon of "What a cat hears"

I have seen posts similar to this in other places, and they also were misunderstood. Without explanation, satire can be confusing.

Part of the problem I saw is that you are not widely known as a writer of satire, and there is no "about DG" or bio section on your blog that I can see... so that can make it difficult for new readers (or those with little sense of humor) to understand your intent and to put some posts in context.

Even if you did, a few people will unfortunately not read it anyway. You have a widely-read publication here, and you are trying to play many roles at once: investigative reporter and creative person, editorial staff, and publisher. Those are different roles that are usually held by different people with different sensitivities and sensibilities. You wear all those hats. And this all comes at a time when everyone on the web thinks they have a right to criticize everything, in public.

It's a tough crowd. I know *I* can't take it. It also takes a certain kind of person to be a standup comedian.

Well these are just some thoughts. Take them with a grain of salt. Good choice to take the day off. Keep up your good work. And you do know there are lots of people who appreciate it.
Well you can't insult or ever even say anything remotely negative about foot the ball, can you...

Like many others your blog is one of the first things I turn too when I pick up my iPad / laptop.

I read your post yesterday with difficulty which I think was intentional on your part and did not  begin to understand what your real intention was until nearing the end which I think was a satirical approach.

As a follower rather than a supporter of the Hammers and soccer in general I thoroughly enjoyed it, but unfortunately some supporters appear to have had their humour "glands"    desensitised.

Don't let them get you down!

You get taken for granted, DG - by me too, I guess, since I don't leave a comment that often. I chuckled at yesterday's post and also commended the skill that went into writing it. Norwich was indeed literally demolished, btw - reduced to rubble and turnips.
Hear hear. I did get it, but having done so, ungratefully failed to read to the end and thus probably missed a treat. However, it's still there to brighten up a dull day one day.

It's not like you to be bothered by people's reactions... Football obviously hits a raw nerve for some people.

Once when I was having a row with my OH, he suddenly came out with 'And anyway, West Ham are crap' as if this was a killer blow. I fell about laughing. I know they're crap, and I'm not even interested in football, but I've been stuck with supporting them since the 1975 cup final.
I didn't know what to think. The absolutely only thing which is predictable about DG's writing, is that it is 100% guaranteed to be unpredictable.

Which I like.
I like football, so I didn't read your post yesterday - is that irony as well?
Keep doing exactly what you are doing, DG!
DG, keep up the good work. I reckon the moaners were Spurs supporters! COYG,for your non football minded followers...Come on you Gunners.
"...he suddenly came out with 'And anyway, West Ham are crap' as if this was a killer blow. I fell about laughing."

Too funny.
Unless some comments were deleted, I don't find any of them to be ungrateful. Some people didn't understand the post, and some didn't like it, but that's what a comments section is for.

I also read the first few lines and then skipped to the end, when I got the gist of the point of the post - found it mildly amusing - then moved on to other reading material.

About 10-20% of DG's posts do not interest me, but I just don't read them and come back the next day. I also don't see the point in saying that DG's blog is the first thing you read every day and every single word holds your attention. This is the internet; you can write what you want and read what you want, and I don't think either blogger or audience should have a problem with that.
Now here's a thought-

Kittens with football boots

the Kit Kat league?
Of course it is your blog.
Yes you can write what you like.
I don't feel obligated to read it.
Yes there is a comments box.
I can comment on it.
Others can comment on.
Yes I can read.
What probably happened is some people saw a post about football. To some that was enough to skip the entire post. They most likely wouldn't read it simply for that reason. If the post was serious or ironic would not make a difference. Some people take football seriously others think it a farce. For those who think it a farce a post written in jest about it is still something to skip over. If one writes a blog and has a comments box one must take the rough with the smooth. Saying all that I do like your blog. May not agree on everything but still read it. Does that make me a idiot? Or just misunderstood?
Oh no!! I am one of your regular visitors to the blog - it's what I look forward to after a long day at work. Don't be discouraged and disheartened by some of these comments.

This is YOUR blog - you have every right to write whatever you like in it. I too do not understand football, but I did understand the message you were conveying, and even if I didn't I would do the same as I do for similar posts, just read the comments and look forward to your next post the following day.

Please don't leave us DG - we love you!!
I'd like to see some of your commenters attempt a 1000-word parody.
My first thought after no blog this am was 'Oh dear he's been on the beer again!!!'.

Don't fret about the naysayers. Everyone knows the real action is in the Championship anyway (that is until QPR make it through the playoffs).

And keep writing about whatever you like. I certainly don't see my name at the top of this blog. If it was there, there would only be two followers anyway (thanks always Mum & Dad).
In keeping with the football theme:

He writes what he wants
He writes what he wa-a-ants
Diamond Geezer
He writes what he wants
@Great Aunt Annie

"I'd like to see some of your commenters attempt a 1000-word parody."

Been there. Done that...
p.s. to my comment - it wasn't a complaint. Sheesh, really! Some people do take on so!
@Briantist: Nice one!
@ B

You just said what you thought. Nothing wrong with that.
Love the blog and i'm happy you had a night off.

I am always amazed by the effort you put in.

Thank you
or perhaps the whole thing was just that a way to get a night off after going out for a drink and by writing something in a manner which may get peoples backs up about a subject some take too seriously and others care nothing about thus getting comments that make people seem dissatisfied giving the blogger the excuse to say why bother when we all know he will bother and then getting comments in support and others saying they didn't mean what they said and others wondering what all the fuss is about?!
A blog entry about a new feature of London gets 8 comments: a blog entry about an old feature of London gets 14 comments. And a blog entry about not writing a blog entry gets (now 46 comments).
We're a funny lot.

Just keep doing what you do DG, as long as you want to.
timbo, blogs and their commentary are a study of human nature :)

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