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Happy new year dg. I love the anarchy and I’ve only properly read January as it stands 😂
December - mince pies vanish by 26th, but Valentine cards appear (at least in my local Tesco).
Old Geezer's Almanac :~)
Hot cross buns in Sainsbury’s yesterday. Happy New Year
Hot cross buns are in my Tesco shopping basket all year round.
Sounds like a fun new year. I think I’ll go back to bed. 😉
Happy? New Year all!
(Including him that called me a sycophant 😏)
As others have mentioned hot cross buns now in stores, I ate one yesterday. Happy new year to dg and his readers.
On Christmas Day morning, went to Morrisons for a pint of milk. Shocked to see that they were displaying Easter eggs!
Easter Eggs alongside Mince Pies here. Not quite sure what that says about us - celebrating a birth while simultaneously cashing in on their death!

As for 2025, I predict that it'll, unfortunately, be more of the same.
One bright glimmer - I'm intrigued by the new blog series starting this month!
I was in a supermarket in Siem Reap this morning, no creme eggs but lots of of chocolates that we have. Even short packets of McVities chocolate digestives made in the UK for 4 and a half US dollars.
Apparently, or so I've heard. The king is on a State visit to India in November 2024.
An election can't be called or held when the monarch is not in the country.
An Oct-Nov-Dec is probably not going to happen.
Steve - No state visit to India has been announced, either in November or otherwise, so your fictional rule about monarchs being out of the country does not apply.
Synaesthesically speaking, I find 2024 a much more satisfactory series of digits, being all green, yellow and brown, without the jarring flash of blue there was in 2023.

Aside from that, no-one has yet explained to me how it is that the first 31 calendar years of my life only had five instances of a repeated digit, whereas in the second 37 calendar years there have only been seven which DON'T have a repeated digit. Something to do with the Millennium, I suspect.
Last century you got a repeated digit if the last two digits included a 1 or a 9 or were the same, so not very often until 1989 and then every year after that.
This century you get a repeated digit if the last two digits include a 2 or a 0 or are the same, which happens all though the Noughties and this decade, with the first non-repeating year being 2013.
Roll on 2031!

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