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London's most westerly bus stop? I thought you visited that last year on the U9!

Fascinating, the strange corners of London you can discover. Must have been within a short distance of this one many times, most recently yesterday evening as I left the M25 at j14
"Inelegantly pooled" - that is a wonderful turn of phrase. I'm surprised you didn't come across a tented village of plane spotters.
Stanwell Moor looks likely to lose it's only remaining bus service now too :
I had to check, didn't I?
Google maps gives the longitudes of the respective bus stops as 0.496 degrees west(Harefield) and 0.499 (Poyle), a difference of 1/300 degree which is about 250 yards at latitude 51N.
How could I ever doubt you!
On Google Maps, there is a "spotter location" marked, close to where you walked.
I pass by this area a lot on my bike. You regularly get plane spotters plotting up with their deck chairs in the centre of the Longford roundabout (Bath Road/Stanwell Moor)! I always, always stopped in awe when Concorde landed/took off. When the A380's started out I did the same, but the novelty wore off. Never with Concorde ...
London's most westerly bus stop. This is of course open to interpretation, but for one version, see the answer to Question 11 here.
Not far away is another "green" area which is supposed to be biodiverse but is possibly going to find itself under a runway. look what happened to that (in the news today)
Yes, they do the same thing here in the states. Whatever godforsaken wasteland they happen to leave over where no further profit can be wrung from, they then retitle it a 'Natural Area'.

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