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4 - Glad it's not just me delighting in such a triumph :-)
28. Without passing trade, I can't see the relocated Stanford's lasting more than a couple of years. Sad.
The one that applies to me, without giving it away.

2 - JG Ballard?
18 - Daily Telegraph GK crossword?

28 - Of all the customers able to find a concealed new shop, it should be Stanfords'.
11. Quiet for now.
24 Are the pylons remaining? Guessing so, but don't know. Grim.

28 Yes, David, I'm with you here. This hardly sounds like a positive move. Wondering if they'll have space for the a-z on the floor. Perhaps the new place is as spacious as the old, but I'd be surprised. Who is going into the old site? Some over hyped clothing brand? Another Five Guys (or similar)? ☹️

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but these two developments don't fill me with joy.
Presume that 22 was in the company of Geofftech, as teased here in the comments. But if it's actually 8 - then congratulations to you both!
3 - yes you can build an iconic concrete building - but the lettering is very much of its time.

25 - its a two way thing - the bin is more likely to be put back outside your house, rather than 50 yards down the road, and if it does end up 50 yards down the road, then you know its your bin.

27 - I hope the CD player lasted longer than two years.
26 - I still play Threes
12 - As a fellow fan of the RTD era of Doctor Who, I can't resist the urge to ask - which episodes did you watch?
26 - MeToo. Wonder what DG's second highest score might be. (I'm struggling to get past the 768 tile, but have scored more than 30,000 twice.) Certainly more staying power than 2048.
18 - I found it unexpectedly easy too. Absolute rollercoaster: hurrah, it's a jigsaw; boo, it's a last letter jigsaw; hurrah, I'm getting enough of the clues to do it.
14. It must be a while now DG since you were 'released', how is the jobsearch progressing? I know you are the master at getting super cheap rail tickets for all your excursions but it must be costing.
23. If you notice them overcharging you again, say nothing to the cashier, pay and then take your receipt to Customer Services - you should get DOUBLE the overcharge back. If they dispute this, ask them to check their own policy. My best ever score was a Christmas turkey which I was overcharged by £30 (the reduction label hadn't fully covered the original). £60 refund, thank you very much :-)
24 - I expect a full report, with pictures!
14. I doubt that DG is searching for another job at all. Or ever will be.
6. Got me this morning. 24% as I type...
2. What's the title of the short story anthology?
26. I tried Threes for the first time the other day, but found it nowhere as simple as 2048, so went back to playing that.
28. I'll be optimistic - the new Foyles is great, so hopefully Stanfords can emulate their success.
1: You and me both.
14: You're obviously a lot more discerning than me.
5. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be the last series.
23. @ Sue, I think that depends on which supermarket. Sainsbury's used to have this policy of double refund. But sadly they have stopped it, now you just get the error corrected.
26. I'm still playing Threes. What was your score? Mine is 242,979 - that 6144 tile still eludes me.
27 - ?
25 - Since Croydon gave every household an extra two wheely bins this year, I guess they are quite popular. We now have four wheely bins - normal waste, cardboard, glass and plastic and tins, and green waste. Lots of bin juggling fun.
Wow, is it really a month since the last of these updates - wonderful stuff again.

13 made me realise I actually have no idea where my parents got married.
1. "The BBC announced earlier this year that it will be replacing BBC iPlayer Radio with a new audio product called BBC Sounds"

Oh no. I had no idea.
28 I was so concerned about this I've called by to investigate. The friendly member of staff assured me the new store will be "almost as large" (apparently the basement is much larger than ground floor that's currently in use). I'm told the same range will be available (but there'll be less Christmas tat/ cushions). We won't have long to wait to find out I guess.

dg writes: Updated, thanks.
6. A solution is to have a portable charger/power bank as back up
26. [@Steve: 242,979? Bejesus! I am clearly an amateur.]
I hope the next phase is a blogpost about things you didn’t cover in the blogpost about things you didn’t cover in the blog. And so on...
25. In my previous life as assistant manager for a high street hardware chain store, we were asked for wheelie bin numbers surprisingly frequently.

For some insane reason they declined to stock them.
25. Some councils provide extra bins at a price. For people who have paid the extra, they don't want their neighbours "adopting" them.
10. Was put off by the thought of the crowds it was likely to attract, but from your photos it didn't seem busy at all! Maybe next year...!

20. Me too, but unfortunately I am the only one in the family who does, so never have it anymore!
20. Did not like it at school. Still do not.
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...but most of them have, thanks!
10. I am a Volunteer Guide at St Paul's and take visitors on an hour and a half tour of the Cathedral explaining about the history of the present Cathedral and talking about some of the memorials to the great and the good and finishing in the crypt. Visitors can then return to the Cathedral floor or use the cafe, toilets visit the shop and cafe if they wish.. The entrance fee to the Cathedral includes this guided tour or you may take a hand held audio guide and take a tour at your own pace. You could also buy a guide book . Please come back for a guided tour DG the guides would love to meet you, I am sorry to have missed you as I was on duty that day!
24: Blimey, new London vernacular doesn't offer a lot of variety, does it?
25 - As an inhabitant of Westow Hill, I can tell you it’s because two of the local councils have both recently replaced wheels bins en masse, so lots of people need new numbers all of a sudden.
Wonderful as always DG.

29 - next year's stock has been released. They're up to 60p each in my local newsagent.

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