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All clickable, for further background detail.
Another interesting smorgasbord of TfL facts requested by an equally interesting cast of characters.
12 - you've got to do it both ways.

13 - so is this retired and under 60 or does it include all retired staff regardless of age?
All clickable, for further background detail.
5 - I always liked that entrance. It was less convenient for me to get to my flat on the Caledonian Road, but it would often be faster than trying to wade through the crowds exiting the tube in the evening rush.
5. I used to work opposite this entrance, and it mainly felt like a retro tour of station design, I get the same feel on the platforms of the Northern City line into Moorgate
8. Never heard of the use of Uranium Salts in tiles before!
13 - Even if retired staff are eligible for a Freedom Pass, it is still beneficial to have a staff pass as there are no time restrictions.
13 - …or you don't live in London and therefore wouldn't be entitled to a Freedom Pass
8- Perhaps REDACTED was actually confusing uranium with arsenic.
Some of it is very interesting.

4) This is also/largely true on route 434 at Ridgemount Avenue. However, I am not 100% sure it is official. Once (and only once) did I encounter a stroppy driver who insisted I disembarked. The link points to an item on "Bus routes which accept non-TfL bus tickets - from 2024".

8) I am surprised no-one (not even the FOI response) has questioned Regents station. I presume Regent's Park not Prince Regent is meant. Also, I too I am a bit suspicious of the reference to uranium. To my knowledge is has only been used for jewellery (before it was realised how dangerous it was), a heavy weight (as in artillery shells) when in its depleted state and various radioactive uses.

16) iBus2 will be a massive improvement if it can handle diversions and short term planned changes. Around here we seem to have numerous diversions and the information available is hopeless. Better still if the TfL website can also be updated with the information (which it isn't now). Also, I often get caught out with estimated time from terminus when the inbound service was delayed and it resorts to giving the timetable time (it last happened only a few days ago to me). This was also mentioned.
8. Rosenthaler Platz station in Berlin is decorated with mildly radioactive uranium tiles, so it's not a completely ridiculous question.
9) Missed opportunity to also ask about peak vehicle requirement for the route (and hence understand use of unbranded vehicles, on average, although it may be higher when a branded vehicle is out of service)

16) I've heard that bus operators can "game" the current ibus generated stats (by instructing bus drivers to drive the routes in particular ways) to flatter the outcome; I wonder if Ibus2 has defences against such activities (or whether some better back end data analysis can adjust for where the data has been "gamed")
15. As Bow road station is obviously a hot bed of Defibrillator larceny, perhaps it should be moved to the nearby Bus Stop M where I am sure it will be well looked after.
15. I know this makes me sound like a typical bemused and grumpy old man despairing of the youth of today but, really, who steals a defibrillator and for what possible benefit.
8. Following Richard's comment I looked up U Rosenthaler station on Wikipedia which gave this link to uranium tiles.

On some days I learn something by reading the comments and pursuing it further. So absolutely not a stupid question. It would have been nice if the FOI response went further and reassured us that there were no uranium tiles at all on the Underground.
13-I'm someone who fortunate enough to be one of the 28% of retired TFL staff who has free travel for myself and my spouse. It's served me well,especially as I took voluntary severance at the age of 57 and therefore didn't qualify for a Freedon Pass.
You need a minimum of 20 years service and be over 50 to qualify for the Retired Staff Pass.
5. Allocation S14 of Camden’s draft local plan envisages redevelopment of the Pentonville Road entrance but expects access to be retained.
4. The 533 is another circular route that can be completed without alighting
15. Sign of the times. The emergency equipment by the Thames in the Teddington area is locked in a safe. You have to phone 999 and ask the coastguard for the combination if you need to use it to rescue someone who has fallen in.
9. The PVR info is available on Robert Munster's great website.

7. Wonder how much 'customer value' they thought the bus maps had.

16. On top of iBus 2 we're also getting a new Countdown and the massive Wayfinder ticket machine (which only serves as a card reader nowadays will be going) -- which enables the card reader to be unlinked from everything -- so hopefully we might go the Singapore route and have 2 readers to speed up boarding.
16: of course, we used to have buses with more than one card reader, at multiple entrances.
Found this FOI re Bus Saver Tickets, Must admit never even heard of them until today.

dg writes: It's in the list. It's number 18.

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