please empty your brain below

I still can't believe he said that.

He's obviously done his research into Mr Desmond's publications. Have you spotted him going through the top shelf of your local newsagents looking at the, erm, publisher's information?

Is the speaker a bit slow or was it mention of the Daily Star rather than the greyted out title that he found most offensive?

Fair enough, I suppose the Star is the last straw.

Eurgh, what an idiot. Doesn't he get the point that he should be working with people rather than serving his own interests? What a pillock.

Incidentally, it didn't protect the RSS readers, least not me **mentally violated**

fantatsic - will they show the repeat on bbc parliament? - and if not, has anybody managed to post it on the tube yet?

I love your Gallowatch! I cannot believe he is still managing to wangle his way into Parliament (well, when he is there) - does he actually do anything for his constituency or is this hiatus as an MP just being used to promote the amazing TV/Radio/ Presenter abilities of G.G to those of us still in doubt?

Well, you shouldn't have voted for him then! Eh? What? Oh...

You can watch the whole thing online here:

Well they're banning him for something to do with funding. I think it's relevant that the hypocrites themselves are funded by pornographers. I don't know what was supposed to be so horrible about what he said, but why is it acceptable in shops but not in parliament, then? Hypocrisy and Double Standards, the main coachmen driving the the coach and horses through all justice and public morality in the UK.

hes a politician because he is good at building an argument. i think that he should have been banned for longer however:

if you just watch the intro he makes in the video he makes a good clear point about funding which links back to why he has been put on suspension.

after that he then does start rambling - will be interesting to see which part is on the news.

"If, the hon. Gentleman says that he has not had justice, put that case. You are highly articulate and you are able to do so."

Mr Speaker was in no doubt at all, was he?

If one considers how little Parliamentary time there actually *is*, it is scandalous that so many minutes of it can be abused like this.

The fact that he got elected in the first place is just evidence of how little the majority of the electorate bother to learn about who they are electing. Tis no wonder that things are the way they are...

I've just moved back to Bow and now realise I was a fool not to take into consideration who my representative in parliament would be! When Galloway speaks he no longer jsut spouts crap; he spouts crap on MY behalf. Eugh!

Why don't you apply to the speaker to take Galloway's place during his 18 day hiatus? You've got British library credentials, which are surely more auspicious than Talksport.

Have you noticed in the report that the claim (made by his odious sidekick Ron McKay) thet George and his wife maintained seperate bank accounts wasnt true.
And the wife got $270,000 Oil for Food money.
Transferred to ....well you guess.

Will you be disenfranchised by having your MP suspended any more effectively than being disenfranchised by having an MP who is more interested in the media and self-publicity than parliamentary work?

Oh honestly. Why bother with the man?

If we all just ignore him for long enough, then perhaps he'll go away and stop him making fools of us all.

Hasn't he said he might stand somewhere else for the next election?

These Gallowatch posts have been among your best ever: informative.

He really is a terrible MP. And that really matters.


I heard the speach on Radio 4. Ridiculous in the extreme.

The man's voice actually grates on me. Mind you so does the Speaker. I doubt that he'd do as well as George on 'Just a Minute'!

Your MP was in my (New Zealand) constituency last weekend berating "Islamophobia". Promotional report here:

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