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Butchers open on a Sunday? No wonder they're still in business. The ones around here close on weekdays by 4:30, close on Sundays, and wonder why all their business goes to the supermarkets. It's a mystery!
re the library in Ongar. a dispute over funding for the library produced the headline Book Lack in Ongar. or so i'm told.
Chipping Ongar is indeed lovely, as is Greenstead. Truly the best of Essex.
Blackmore, just east of Ongar, is also very attractive. But then Essex is, I think, stuffed with interesting villages. Great Bardfield is a favourite - the museum in a small thatched house (plus the prison cell down the road) is worth a visit.
When you started writing about the railway line, I was hoping you would explore Ongar too. What a lovely little place, and thanks for a great write-up. I have a cousin there, so this post has been doubly interesting.
One of the best Indian restaurants I've ever known was in Ongar: it was called Kismet, and was near the middle of the high street.
I came across it a few years ago, riding home one night from Stansted airport.
What added to the atmosphere was that it was in an old Tudor style building, and the food was good enough to be worth going there from SE London.
I went there just earlier this year, only to find the place closed down :(

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