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I looked at your Winchester photos ...

OK, you win, I've looked at the Winchester photos AGAIN...

Well the two Winchester blogs are already seasoned with thumbnail pictures among the text but the ducks were flagged as a contrast to the TfL interactive map thingy, so natch we took a peek. And a second look later, to go 'Mmm, they ARE geese, aren't they?' and 'That's a park in London? - it looks stunning'.

Oh, and I've been to Winchester but not to Brockwell Park...


Maybe you should start calling yourself the Charmer rather than DG, DG?

I looked at Winchester, but via flicker rather than a click though from the blog.

Oh the fickleness of newsagent customers - one 'sweetheart' and you're anyone's...

I looked at Winchester. Somewhere in my mind there's a vague memory that I've been to Winchester, years and years ago.

Been to Winchester several times, thanks for the memories. Never been to Brixton, but I have seen geese on occasion.

Well, I'd vote for the 80s but I can't fathom out how to...

Guess you must be getting a collection of umbrellas and mugs..
......"And she gives me all the Evening Standard freebies for free".....

Perhaps your readers find Ducks/Geese/kittens more interesting then old buildings. I vaguely remember visiting Winchester about 40 yrs ago, must try to do again before I die! Chichester is lovely too.

Beats me how you always manage to get good weather

Well yay for kittens, maybe DG could go to Winchester to take pictures of non-London kittens?

Well done for getting into the Guardian DG!

did someone mention kittens?!? why can i never find the kittens?!?

Looking at your photos of Winchester would be cheating. I should be going there and taking some myself.

Well, I cheated and looked at all the photos, and not just the thumbnails either. DG's fan vaulting shot is now my background picture. Hope he doesn't send me an invoice...

I love Evening Standard freebies! I had about five Standard umbrellas at one time (alas, I've lost three of them on the tube), and several free copies of Harden's London Bars and Pubs, among other things.

As for the Winchester photos, I don't think it really matters whether or not the photo was taken within the M25, but rather the photo links stand out (the Winchester posts have several photo links, while the geese had the only photo link within a post on the tube website).

Shame about the Erith Museum though, I have to say. It was fortunate you made it in there on its final day of opening.

Finally, The Apprentice was compulsive viewing as usual.

Time, DG, it's only a lack of Time which stopped me exploring your Winchester photos.

Did the Guardian literally mean the O2 Centre on Finchley Road in its piece?

You realise a subscription to Time Out is probably better value?
(sorry, sounding like Time Out there)

Yup, I know a subscription is better value. But buying a copy from my newsagent means I can read it on the tube home on Tuesday afternoon, and a subscription would delay reading by more then 24 hours.

I looked at your Winchester photos, from home, as you were uploading them (Um, that sounds a bit stalkerish. Sorry). Flickr's blocked from work, even at lunchtime.

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