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But it lacks something. They don't appear to have a 'Thunderbirds are Go!' experience.

I must tip off the marketing chaps.
I always loved that Matlock Bath is set up like a sea-side resort.

Wonderful post, dg. I grew up round there and your commentary is spot on!
I fondly remember the cable car in Scarborough when I was a kid. Nothing remains of it now but some rusty pylons near the North Bay
I believe there's a 3rd cable car in Alton Towers called the SkyRide
" ...and the view is arguably much better."

Arguably if you just like trees
I remember going on the cable car when I was a child, so it must have been not long after it opened. The whole area is lovely, and I keep meaning to go back.

As for Fish and Chips, well it's a bit like fried chicken is to London - there are chippies everywhere. I live in the suburbs of Manchester, close to the centre of a small town. Within a few minutes walk from my house are two Chinese chippies, two English ones and a Greek one (because the Greeks are well known for fish and chips).

A ten minute walk will take me to another English one. Fifteen minute walk will take me to the fifth English one. I have a strong suspicion there's another one lurking around somewhere.

Of course the difference between chicken shops and fish and chips is that good fish and chips are a delight. Something that can never really be said about fried chicken.
I was right! There was a trip to Matlock, but now I don't know whether the 40 minute wait at Derby was for the Matlock train or the Ineffectual Train.

dg writes: As an enormous clue, the Derby post and the Ineffectual Train post both mention a time of day.
B-b-but does it have Emirates telling you about all the other places you could be instead?!
I visited the caves during a residential primary school trip to Derbyshire, pre-cable car days and duly bought myself some Blue-John as a souvenir.

Returned with the kids 7 years ago (via the cable car) and they did the same!

Next time I think I'll just walk and explore those wonderful woodlands! Gorgeous.
Matlock was already on my "to-do" list as one of the places to visit on what will be many trips to and from Manchester over the next two years (I was in Edale on Monday), but I'd forgotten quite how much there is to see there. I did go there once before, shortly after the cablecar opened (and got a ride on the prototype Sprinter diesel train as a bonus).

By the way, the "little snaking road" you can see from the cable car is the mighty A6 - which shows how high up you really are.
I ran the White Peaks marathon several years ago. It was flat because it followed an old railway line I think.
I'm confused as to which bit of the chippy's menu was a surprise, as pretty much any chippy I've ever been to has offered mini fish & chips as an option.

That being said, in general London's fish and chip shops are an absolute abomination compared to those elsewhere in the country.
It was the "Mini" bit that surprised me, with its £3.50 price tag proudly emblazoned on a big banner across the front of the chippie.
@Running Correspondent
It does - two old railways to be precise, although one of them is the Cromford & High Peak Line which had gradients as steep as 1 in 8 (cable hauled). Looking at the marathon course I see these gradients are taken in the downhill direction!
So what's the difference between a "cable car" and a "chair lift"? DG has recently been on a chair lift at Alum Bay, IOW.
How about you sit in a cable car, and sit on a chair lift.
This must be the closest I've ever been to DG as I've just done this trip (& possibly actually saw you) - I thought the journey into the cavern was really well done. Never been in this area before I'd really like to go back.
Glad you enjoyed one of the gems of Derbyshire, and just to take over from pedantic of purely the little road is the A6, one of the longest roads in England. Keep up the good work on the blog.
I've been on that cable car and as you say it stops halfway up and down. It was swinging. Boy was I scared. There was a faint smell of pee in the car and I can't be sure it wasn't me ;-)
This all seems very familiar.
The Peak District, bizarrely, being so far inland, has arguably some of the best Fish, Chips and Gravy you can get!
Been to Matlock Bath a couple of times for several days each. BUT I spent most of the time at the Crich Tramway Museum nearby. It too is worth a visit.
There's another cable car in Llandudno which says its the longest in Britain: . It looks a bit drafty.
There's a lot to do in this area. I did a few things in passing in a day here:

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