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Blatant denial of global warming by Daily Fail.
You provide fantastic entertainment every day, and this is my favourite type of entry. I hope you populate the final column at intervals as the day progresses, so that we all have to check back regularly.

Thanks - and well done!

Ah. You've no time for lickspittle crawlers...
Predictive text is not the same as autocorrect. You can (and should) turn off autocorrect.

dg writes: Corrected.
Believers? Believers in what?

Are we getting the "50 things I like/50 things I love/50 things I adore" tomorrow?
1 thing to anger me: moaning football managers, example Mr Pulis last night, who i) say "I'm not commenting about the ref, but..." and ii) whilst having a fair point about one incident, deny others. One-eyed hypocrites, I suppose, and they are everywhere from leading politicians down. Now to get my copy of the Daily Mail, to calm down.
Pesto? Surely not!
Why does DG's post makes me yearn for a simple £2.50 ham and cheese baguette from Greggs?
'society's relentless slide into intolerance'

The intolerance was always there - it's just that it now has access to Twitter.

On the subject if intolerance - why is someone who ends everything an 'idiot', it could be described as a Katie Hopkins mindset.

Come on, look at the last entry of the second column.
'This branch will open at 10am on (weekday) for staff training' when you arrive at 9.15 and there's NO sign of any activity at all.
I'm kind of funny that way. The big things, I can handle. Brexit may be a disaster, but there's nothing I or even a small group of us can realistically do about it. So I accept it and move on. But people who don't clean up their mess at the kitchen counter in the office? I seethe with fury. EXECUTE THEM!
'Back in 20 minutes' signs on shop doors with no indication when they were left!
Other than Pesto, I have to agree with all points, well raised and presented.
What is 'populism' ? How do you define it ?
People who throw litter in the streets, flytipping and council workers who do not clear it up properly.
Yes. [And this has to be said in a drawling and sour sounding way...impossible to convey in text...a minor niggle]
Salad that comes plastered with balsamic vinegar when it didn't say so on the menu.
The fact that I am tempted to count the number of items on each list just to check that there really are 50.
One thing that irritates me:

Londoners who complain endlessly about problems that could be solved by not living in London

One thing that annoys me:

Londoners getting trapped intellectually in their own internally consistent ideological bubble, completely detatched from the realities of the rest of the universe
I am absolutely delighted by the third column. Made my day.

As for the request for "50 things I like", they are listed (in far greater numbers than 50) in almost every DG post.
@strawbrick. I resisted the temptation to do just that.

I agree with a lot of the points, but to my shame a lot of them would be in the last column! Maybe I really am becoming a grumpy old man.
Cup-a-soup is not soluble - it is a suspension in water. Therefore stirring will prevent lumpiness ans solids in the bottom of the cup. It's the same with cocoa.
"shops which only offer self-checkout" ... I've not encountered a shop like this, where are they?
Several branches of WHSmiths seem to have usually empty staffed till points, and if you want attended service you have to wander round the shop until you find the one staff member who is not on a tea break.
The world is divided into two sets of people - those that get niggled/annoyed by the stuff that matters, and those that don't.
You forgot 'virtue signalling.'
Uncanny. As I'm reading this a Londonist youtube notification pops up "Northern Line Extension to Battersea"
Which reminds me you've missed out "Elizabeth Line" from your lists (or perhaps it's just me).
Column 2 is missing - Every sandwich and salad "garnish" having rocket in it.
Last night a friend ordered a tomato salad. The waiter had to explain that although it said it was a tomato salad, it didn't actually have much tomato in it. When it arrived the only tomato in the bowl was a chunk about the size of a finger tip.
Third column is nice, though I'm sure some event would qualify, eventually.
I have my own 2nd column entries:
Those who equate cynicism/pessimism with intelligence.
And Milo has reminded me: Dismissing anything vaguely humanitarian as virtue signalling.
Broadly agree with most of the entries on the list. "contaminated by pesto" really made me laugh as this was a surprise and conjures up silly images in my head.

Can't really think of any original ones to add but I do agree with Mr Roberts above about "Londoners moaning about things which could be solved by moving away". If things are so intolerable in London move to where they aren't or else change your priorities and accept things.
Pints over £3.50.
Oh and cyclists on the pavement. Don't start me off.
The eating of hot, smelly food (burgers, pasties) on trains.
The assumption that pedantry (regarding writing style rather than factual accuracy) arises from people who don't write for a living, rather than from precisely those who do and because they do.
Extending the tube to Battersea Power Station.
Did i miss a post on this annoyance?
dg writes: Yes.
What is it about the extension that annoys dg? Is it that the extension has been privately funded?
Or that it's being completed in preference to the bakerloo line extension?
Or perhaps that the extension stops shy of Clapham Junction.
Will there be a post expanding on the top 5 things which annoy you? I'm keen.
I'm very glad to see that DG has finally tackled the scourge of Pesto.
I solved the first niggle by moving to Yorkshire. Drastic, but it works!
I thought the scourge of Pesto was some Sunday morning ITV political programme.
A special hello to the five people who noticed what this post was about :)
The dramatisation by the press of Brexit.....give them something to write about i guess....we're doomed
Suspect more than five of us noticed that you don't get angry but just didn't need to point out how smart we are.
A special hello to the five people who noticed what this post was about and made a comment referring to it in some way, even though I recognise there'll have been many other readers who noticed it but didn't comment, just like there were several who commented but didn't mention it, but I can only give a special hello to the five of you who did mention it, not the people who didn't, so I hope the other smart people like David aren't feeling too bereft.
One thing that niggles me is when items in a list are separated by a comma rather than a semicolon.
Why is anger bad, rage yes, but anger?, you can be controlled and angry - would anyone have protested about something like apartheid/votes for women/child labour if they had been annoyed?

Perhaps politicians prefer a world where voters are annoyed, rather than angry.
I'm intrigued and clearly slightly slow on the uptake. What was the post about , please tell.

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