please empty your brain below

That last picture had the judge saying "Norman Stanley Fletcher" going round in my head!
Reading Gaol backs onto a little looped backwater of the River Kennett. I once left my narrowboat moored there for a few days, safe under the watchful eye of the CCTV cameras, and the town council have helpfully provided some nice things to tie your boat to. These are the Bollards of Reading Gaol...

(actually, they're mooring rings, but the pun is too good to miss).
It's quite an experience going into a prison and it doesn't need much imagination to think how it must have been for prisoners there. I hope a few Daily Mail readers have gone along to counteract some of the stories of what a cushy life prisoners have.

The readings of De Profundis on Sundays are moving but require some endurance, starting at midday and going on until about 6pm.
I wonder if it will be turned into a hall of residence for Reading Uni?
What are they planning on doing with it?

And what would you suggest would be a good use for it?
@ Gavin

Well the Palace of Westminster needs lots of TLC for several years, so we could transport the Common and Lords off to Reading Goal.

Preferably losing the keys at some point...
Really enjoyed reading that, thank you.
(I probably wouldn't have bothered saying so if there'd been more comments, but seven looks a little paltry)

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