please empty your brain below

Looks like an interesting walk. I shall certainly try to go there during the next week. In Zone 5 too.
I have only ever ventured to that area for Chislehurst Caves or Charles Darwins Down House.
Looking forward to seeing that Sundial.
Thanks for the guide DG.
I do not like the dark evening. Pity we do not stay on Daylight saving all the year.

...or indeed move another hour forward.

Thanks to him, I actually had 25 hours today, and boy, did I need that extra time.

I really don't see why William Willet just couldn't leave his curtains open and let the sun get him up. It only makes a difference for a week anyway.

A few people at Gatwick must have been cursing him on Sunday when computer's clocks did not get automatically updated .

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