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Isn't Dylan a DG too? I wondered if you were one and the same when I watched the show!
I think the colours at Russell Square are fabulous: it may well be my favourite of the surviving Green designs anywhere on the tube... Holborn's Piccadilly Line tiles were also fairly un-pastel-shaded: with dark blue playing a major role. Loathe as I am to say it, but you see them on Youtube if you find the video of the song "Turn Back Time" by Aqua... (very confusing melange of Holborn and Bank stations, but anywhere with old Leslie Green tiling is Holborn: mostly the old Aldwych line bit)
I prefer plain white tiles for the stations, as some in London were originally and many still are on the Paris metro. Brighter and information signs are easier to spot against a plain white background.
The tiles on the platform at Russell square are not original either. They were redone circa 2008-2010 in the same way as convent garden. (From your pictures you can see the difference between the originals near the lifts and the new ones on the platform). The overall effect seems to be more convincing that at Covent Garden though!
New tiles over old:
the feathered directional arrows, on tiles to indicate "Way Out" etc, changed over the years. the oldest had three feathers, then two, then there was one. now of course arrows are no longer so decorative, but purely functional. fortunately the older versions remain, on the Piccadilly line and elsewhere.
Makes me wonder why TFL don't use tiles more for this kind of thing. Clearly they last along time and don't appear to faid over time (unlike the printed signs), are easy to clean if they get vandalised (e.g. grafiti) and look beautiful.
On a TV-related note. Do you see Mud Men on the History channel this week? The episode was local to you at Abbey Creek. (I've only watched the 1st bit so far, isn't it mucky?)
I agree with you about Flickr - awful to look at now.
We're not stopping at Brompton Road, Down Street or Aldwych either, I see. And there are still Leslie Green tiles at Holborn - you just didn't look hard enough...

You put that "chipolata penises" link in solely to see how many people would click it, didn't you?

I was wondering when you were going to get around to complaining about the Flickr update. Me, I'm just thankful they haven't completely broken the interface, in the way that Facebook and Twitter take delight in doing regularly.
Matter of opinion, of course, but I think the new style of presentation for the photos is more pleasing now.

I certainly prefer the piccies to be alongside the text, rather than needing separate clicks away to Flickr sites for each photo.
Gloucester Road's sign has colons at both ends as well as between the words; same for Russell Square. Hyde Park Corner has them between the words only. And as DG mentions, the modern Covent Garden sign has none, which I think is a pity because they do look good.
Another intriguing colonanomaly in tomorrow's post. While Holloway Road and Gillespie Road have the full three colons, Caledonian Road has just one dot between the words.

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