please empty your brain below

Have they really bought up the whole country? Wow.

Arg, I though I'd finally gotton round to understanding the use of apostrophes.

Shouldn't it be "The Merlin Entertainment's London Eye"?

We went there a couple of weeks ago. Before you go on the big wheel itself, you have to go into a 3d 'experience' which consists of a film about a seagull flying over London while you get squirted with water.

Hmmm, I went on it last week for the first time in several years....can't say I actually noticed the name change so the effort was wasted on me.

The weather wasn't as good as when it was a BA thing.

I didn't get any 3D seagulls squirting me either. Optional extra I assume.

I really don't care what they call it; I have always referred to it as The London Eye. However, from a corporate point of view, they may well feel the advertising is worth it. Maybe from that aspect it isn't aimed at the general public.

actually my initial reaction was "The Millennium Wheel". just as the large circlur structure down the river at Greenwich is still "The Dome", to me.

gosh - i sound just as old and as grumpy and as stick-in-the-mud as you, don't i? :-)

[Curses the lack of LF/CR]

The first thing that occurred to me? "The Eye" - why bother with the "London" bit? It's only the "London Eye" if you're not in London. Do you say The London Tate? Nah, thought not.

What ever you call it it was built in the Netherlands, from various components from around Europe.

@B. Probably because it is called The London Eye, and The Tate isn't called The London Tate.

Reminds me of The Artist Formerly Known As Whatsisname

@prj45 - I think it would really be the 'Merlin Entertainments' London Eye' as 'Merlin' has more than one entertainment (therefore 'Merlin Entertainments') and the London Eye is theirs (so the apostrophe goes after the S.

@everyone - I had no idea that it had left BA's ownership... does this now mean that they're not flights anymore?

@RG - No need to fret about the apostrophe because there isn't one. Merlin just paid to get their name on it, they don't own it.

The same grammatical rule applies to memorials, eg the Albert Hall, the Bill Bloggs Memorial Bus Shelter - no apostrophe.

All these names begin with "the". (There's probably an exception but I can't think of one at the moment.)

Oops - scrub that bit about Merlin not owning it. I haven't a clue who really owns it. But I think I'm right about the grammar aspect.

@Michael: the platform for boarding the Eye was made in Littlehampton. By my uncle's company.
Observation: since when did we get all Twittery and prefix everything with @? Surely, in this context, the @ is redundant?

Well, Merlin (and their predecessor, The Tussauds Group) were running the operations of the Eye from (before) day 1...I'm not sure why they decided to be so proprietal about it now though.

It doesn't matter what the official name is. I mean, who even calls it "London Eye" at all? In practice it'll always be the Millennium Wheel, no matter what just happens to be written on the branding.

penguin: I don't recall ever hearing anyone refer to it as the Millennium Wheel. It's always been the London Eye to me and everyone I can think of who's referred to it in conversation or text.

(Or "the Eye" for short, of course.)

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