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10) Cablecar passenger journeys

Found it:
It seems that a lot of the timetable things have been removed in favour of using the new searchy thing.

Which is odd, as even Citymapper has First and Last tubes on its home screen.
London over ground timetables seems to be up and running.
Quite strange to launch a transport site without timetables... I thought I'd do what normal people do in a hurry - type "last trains" in the search box. The first seven results (and many more) had the words "lane" and "tram" highlighted; on the next result page it was anything beginning with "la" and "tr" ("largest triathlon", anyone?). Not impressed. And no idea when the last train goes.
Hopeless. Went to check the roads and the information panel displayed 'Sorry, road disruption information could not be retrieved.'
When I tried to use the feedback pane it wouldn't send the message.....
Why, oh why do sites do this? Turning off the old site when the new one launches just destroys one of the points of the web, invalidating all previous in-bound links.
The mobile site finally shows Tramlink status on the home page but still no live departures from tram stops.
I searched the new site for 'bus spider maps'. And the result.... 'No results found'
I think you knew it would say that. How tiresome
When looking for passenger numbers I did find this, which suggests that only 19 out of c.3000 Dangleway passengers used it for commuting...
The feedback section of the new website only invites your comments on selected areas, and does not have a 'your email' box for a reply - how genuinely interactive is that?

One of the map links directs you to 'Visitor Guide and Map' - which launches the 2012/13 'Welcome to London' brochure. Our new updated site, eh?
The mini site '' is still there, but of course many of the links to other tfl services are now broken....
By Central London bus map do you mean the one here:

dg writes: No, that's the dumbed down tourist map with only a handful of buses on it.
Tramlink status updates on the home page. Perhaps BBC London TV will finally add Tramlink to the status update screen on BBC Breakfast.
Really irritating how things are just missing. Why it was launched when some of the links still say "coming soon" I don't know. And you ca't get back to the old one as far as I can tell.

Especially annoying for me is the DLR frequency page which seems to have disappeared entirely. In an article which was only posted yesterday this was one one of the links included. Within hours it had gone and I can't find a replacement page.
Here's the link for the free cycle guides
It wasn't broken so I guess they had to go and fix it.
They're still pointing to spider maps on this page, though the link is broken now
Try finding out what the cash fare is for any rail journey in the Single Fares Finder. All gone.

Try finding which "pink validators" you should touch on a rail journey when avoiding zone 1. All info gone. This is particularly irksome and stupid. How can you comply with the charging rules if TfL have removed the sole source of such info?

Try finding some explanatory detail about Travelcards. The page defaults to the bus and tram pass with no links to other Oyster ticket types.

The non provision of timetables on the live site is bonkers because they *were* there on the beta version. What went wrong there?

I am livid about the loss of the spider and quadrant bus maps. I don't want to faff around with Google maps if I am journey planning. Given the Maps functionality never worked in the Beta version it was impossible to know about the loss of this information during the "test" phase.

Bus tender results are also not on the website at present. Goodness knows why not. Hardly a difficult thing to provide access to. The website search engine doesn't even give a hint that it might be on the website - there is "coming soon" link in the transparency section.

I set up some "favourites" for bus stop arrivals info last night. They've all been lost this morning. Useless. Thank goodness the old "Live Bus Arrivals" page does still work.

I tried to provide feedback and the website threw it all away saying it doesn't recognise frames. The page was not loaded within a frame so that's another glitch.
Re (5) Current Tube working timetables can be found at
Why are they so lazy that they have left the fares stuff in PDF format?
Re (4) Public timetables for London Overground services are on the Network Rail website
Hopeless. Went to check the roads and the information panel displayed 'Sorry, road disruption information could not be retrieved.'
When I tried to use the feedback pane it wouldn't send the message.....
If they withdraw a bus or train service, they have to go through a statutory process. But they can withdraw information services at a whim. Is that right?
Overground timetables are all here:

(More... -> Ways to get around -> London Overground)
Also the new site seems to require cookies enabled - not 100% sure about that. Trouble is that if you are security conscious and don't do this by default it doesn't tell you it can't do something because cookies aren't enabled as a good site should do.
"If all else fails, use the site map". Oh, hang on.....
Where's the North East, South East Etc Bus Maps?
3) Planned Track Closures

Although it hasn't been updated since November, so the six months only runs to May
Well I wouldn't say "updated completely and utterly" as there are still links to the old website.

Timetables are available by selecting more/timetables and then "go to live website."
I couldn't find any bus maps, not even by searching. Some other links seem to have come back; well done! JourneyPlanner works OK (on Android) except that it doesn't seem to accept postcodes.
One other thing that has gone - the Bus Service Changes list that gave a 6 week look ahead. It was not easy to find on the old website but now there is nothing.
The live status service board updates and map have stopped working. "Information could not be retrieved. Our data service is currently unavailable. We are trying to fix this. Please come back later."
On trying it earlier, I attempted to give some feedback using the form in the header. Clicking the submit button appeared to do absolutely nothing, so no idea whether it actually got through.

The homepage design is particularly useless - 9 times out of 10 I'm visiting the site to check if my tube to work is running, but on a normal size laptop screen you have to scroll down before you hit any of that information.

It's nice to have the Google Maps style bus maps back again, but they're not as good as they used to be - the stop information takes ages to load (on a fast connection) and you can't zoom with your mouse wheel.
The journey planner is still not integrated with the fare finder unlike a well known free app that has been available for ages. There are stations missing from the fare finder - try Denmark Hill for a start.

Original version of website still available
(for now)


"We will put bus route spider maps back over the next few days, in addition to the new interactive bus maps, as there seems to be a fair amount of demand for them."
Argh what a disaster, needed to find bus timetable this morning, but all it would give me is the next bus. I ended up bouncing around via the old website and back. it took me 10 minutes to actually load timetable. It used to take a couple of clicks. Useless!!
'Sorry, road disruption information could not be retrieved'

All day. Hopeless. Thanks for the old link.
I have gone back and asked politely on the Digital Blog that the quadrant / central london maps are restored alongside the spider maps.
Looks like the quardant and Central London bus maps will be returning based on a response on the TfL Digital Blog. Here's hoping.

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