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Another vintage year! Thanks for all your efforts, dg and best wishes for 2023!
Some of the highest value free content on the internet.
What a year! Thanks DG, and here’s to 2023
What Dan said. Absolutely another vintage year.

It’s the place I look, every single morning, immediately after checking my emails.

Thanks DG, you’re a star!
Thanks DG. Wishing you all the best for 2023. Looking forward as always to your interesting posts in the new year.
And so say all of us! DG is better than a cup of tea to start the day.
What do the bold entries mean again?
This revived talk of B roads reminds me of a comment I made in February.
What a work rate! I am so impressed at so much varied content in a single year. The thematic presentation is also impressive. All the best for 2023 to DG and his community of readers
The A Nice Walk series was a really great addition to the rotation here, I thought.
Thank you DG. I hope you know you brighten many lives.
Agreeing with all of the above.
I am in awe of your ability to cram so much into a year, and our lives are all the richer for it. Thank you.
Is that all?

That's a really impressive output for one year, both in quantity but also in variety.
Don't know how you do it. But thank you for doing it. Love reading your stuff.
Unsurprisingly the comments are full of plaudits and rightly so. Regular reading of your blog (I can't promise I read it every day) has probably been one of the few constants in my life for the last 16 or so years.
Another wonderful blog year to keep us going, many thanks DG and Happy New Blog Year to you and all readers.
'Seen in concert' was the high point for me. Would like to see more pop related nostalgia posts. Many thanks for another entertaining year and all your hard work. RIP Terry Hall x
Great inspirational blog, a highlight of my day. Really wish I had more time to explore all the places you go to!
Thank you for another outstanding body of work.
Fabulous summary, DG! Thank you once again for a wonderful year of blogging. It's been 13 years of DG readership for me and I don't regret a moment of it. Very warm wishes for 2023 from N8 :-)

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