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To me, it's a bit of an irony that Eurostar isn't stopping at Stratford International, as the station was evidently built to serve cross-border rail services.

Of course, if Stratford International's trains simply go to Kent, why not rename Charing Cross? We could call it Charing Cross International...

Nice to see that 'retail behemoth' (my place of work) rate a mention. I've been watching those little red buses going past our site shed for a couple of weeks and am surprised it only took three minutes. Most of the buses I have seen appeared to be empty; maybe as it was only a trial service? You're right that once Stratford City opens you'll be able to by-pass the existing station ticket hall completely and exit via the new Northern Ticket Hall (almost) direct into the shopping centre.

Oh...Ebbsfleet...that's an entirely different level of bleakness...and I think, mostly not in a good way either...

So, there is no way for a regular travelcard holder to travel between St Pancras and Stratford?

Not unless you wanna go H&C to Mile End and change for a Central Line!

Sorry, I lost you somewhetre near the end of platform eleven

I love that Christmas tree there.

I had a go on the train this morning from Medway to Stratford. The journey is bizarre; half an hour of go slow then 10 minutes of exhilation as the train zooms under the Thames and then over Dagenham at 140mph. I was one of two people to get off the train at Stratford but there were about 20 assorted photographers and TV crews taking pictures of fancy trains. There was one poor camera man who ran the length of the platform just to get the shot of the train as it left the platform.

All this high speed saves me about 10 mins compared to when it was a normal train from East London to Medway via Victoria or Woolwich Arsenal. At the cost of x billion pounds.

I had to laugh as there was a 4bph service between the stations that takes 5 mins but there were 3 other buses standing outside the station when surely they could provide the service with one or maybe 2 buses.

That's a little short sighted Priest\\_Field - most of the billions of pounds were spent on the actual high speed rail network between London and Paris. The station should turn a nice profit with the Olympics and if the whole legacy thing kicks off. The whole reason the railways are overcrowded now is because capacity wasn't built in to places that didn't need it then but do now.

Mind you, knowing Stratford I'd be willing to concede that it is entirely possible no-one will ever want to live there, even post-Olympics!

What was the "normal train from East London to Medway via Victoria or Woolwich Arsenal"?

dg writes: Edge of zone 3 to Northfleet, off-peak, with a Gold Card, £3.90. Not £12.40.

What's a Gold Card and who gets one? (Sorry for Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious-ish question...)

dg writes: It's a special treat for annual season ticket holders.

I have seen the new Oyster map at St Pancras, that said something like 'Travelcard + HS' is valid on the High Speed route between St pancras and Stratford.

So there must be a HS-enabled travelcard.

Nice collection of some amazing pictures decorated with beautiful buildings and vehicles and trains. Very impressive!

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