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Some things never change, the photo of Ruislip high street looks just like it did in the late 50's.

Just seeing that photo has made me think of revisiting, after 45yrs away.

'Fraid you chose a not terribly interesting part of the river Pinn, DG; it's much better than that. It is the focus of the Celandine Route, a pleasant 10-mile walk from the Grand Union Canal at Cowley to Pinner, which mirrors part of your route yesterday.

It's well worth a visit another time, should you be so inclined.


Pinner picture gets it....the most boringest photo. Curious blue car in the murders photo, otherwise very pink offerings. Nice.

I'll go back and walk the River Pinn properly one day. But yes, I trust it's not all as dull as that concrete channel I snapped.

No relation to today's entry, but when Googling stuff about Tokyo (I'm going on holiday there soon) I came across what looks like the Japanese equivalent of your blog (travel nerdy-like). Its automatically translated, with all the hilariousness that entails. Link below in case you might find it funny.

I really liked those photo's

The three most-viewed photos (perhaps predictably) are the dodgy road markings, the railway carriages and the murder scene.

And the five least-viewed photos are all in Windsor and Eton. I dunno, if it's not in London you lot just aren't interested...

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