please empty your brain below

Things Can only get better... apart from weirdly some places voting Tory still which is just a bit odd considering the track record
Well that brought me back to earth quite beautifully..

But then I remember Mogg and feel that something’s gone right, at least for now..
What a wet blanket.
"Ed Davey's stunts have worked a treat this time, at least in terms of numbers of MPs, but he's still as far from power as he's ever been (apart from that time he actually was in power during the Coalition, and we know how that turned out).

Nick Clegg was the DPM in the Coalition, not Ed Davey.
Ed Davey was Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in the Coalition, also Minister for Postal Affairs, and we know how that turned out.
I read that as him 'personally' rather than 'his Party'. It's been a long night...
On such a glorious morning, it's quite depressing to be brought back to reality in this way. But I suppose it is necessary.

No mention of the Greens. Their slow but steady rise is another source of joy, even though of course it's far too little and too late.
So - I'll be expecting the "First 100 days" pledges some time today.
Glad to see that your prediction about the least self aware politician in the world, ever, has failed to eventuate.

Truss is departed, with no support she has found - time to study cheese
Labour got 34% of the vote, a huge majority built on a foundation of indifference.

I don't think this will end well.
So, I am as surprised as I said I would be previously that Bexleyheath and Crayford has turned red, but see that Bromley and Biggin Hill remains blue, although only by a whisker.
It may all be downhill from here, but we don't know how steep it will be.
It's all downhill from here. Fast.
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

But at least, after the honeymoon period is over, it will be different faces bickering and backstabbing!
Morning, sunshine!

It could be worse, you could live in Chingford and Woodford Green.
Good morning, Eeyore.
It’s one of the interesting features of our electoral system that the great 2024 Labour landslide was achieved with not many more votes than Corbyn delivered when he lost in 2019 and with fewer than he got in 2017. The ‘votes per seat’ figures will also be revealing, particularly with Reform only getting four seats with 14% of the vote. But that’s the way we do things.
Election mood music:
1997 Things can only get better
2024 Things can get worse
The weather was much better the morning after the 1997 Labour landslide too.

A very good night for the Greens.
u ok hun?
It's all uphill from here.
But, Blue Witch, Davey was a Secretary of State.
Yes, but it depends on how one defines 'Power' - and how one reads the sentence in question David B after one has accidentally stayed up all night :)
A flawed democracy. We are still denied the opportunity to vote for our head of state. And watch how many defeated Tories will be given a place in the Lords. Constitutional change is overdue.
All true, but still something to celebrate. And as I suppose are many today, I’m particularly proud that my constituency voted tactically to boot the *** out.
Optimism and hope are wonderful things. Imbibe!
Very much a Tories losing sort of result, rather than a massive vote of confidence in Labour, as reflected by the bizarrely low turnout.

With the volatility of the electorate, very few seats are truly safe now, which in certain aspects is actually good for democracy, as MPs will have to be truly accountable to their electorate.
Personally it's a day to feel both elated by the result, but concerned over the low turnout. Really uncertain how the electorate can be engaged in the democratic process in the future. If 14 years experience of a lying, corrupt, self-serving bunch doesn't do it, what will?
Labour need to be careful on rear guard in urban areas... could be more costly in the future.

Reform can position themselves next time in 98 seats that they are the tactical vote vs. cons to kick out Labour.

In only 42 seats so far did the Lab+Lib share < Con share, so tactical voting wasn't as brutal as it could've been for the Tories! But this might be the strongest we'll see it in a long while.

Concerned about Reform frankly, though given the state of the country it's surprising that they haven't done better. Vs. France, at least I think that's a silver lining: Labour has recognised that they need more than the urban vote (lesson from 2017 and 2019), but can they govern well enough for that to hold the North next time around? Wish the left in France would recognise that at least, they aren't exactly there yet... oh well, at least some good news this week, much to dread for me personally on Sunday.

tl;dr, Labour better deliver or we're in for a shock next time.
Excellent! What a wise and perceptive observer you are, as well as a polished wordsmith. But don't let cynicism affect your skill at quality comment, my morning highlight.
I suggest there will continue to be an upward trend for a little bit longer, especially as the difference sinks in between the new regime and the previous toxic one. I give it until the autumn conference season, and then the downward trend will start. From then on, we will all need to beware.
Starmer failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville, expelled Jeremy Corbyn on trumped-up charges, cannot decide upon the definition of a "woman", and thinks it acceptable to cut-off vital utilities to Gaza. More than enough to make me certain that he is a very dangerous and very bad politician.
hahahahahaha so now it's your turn to hate the next five years - some of us are utterly delighted
The amount of Labour candidates who both lost to an Independent and run them to a close second is going to store up problems if they don't recognise what has happened and address it. Failure to do so could well lead to another party appearing that seeks represent minority groups and further fragment politics in this country.

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