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What about The City Centre?
How many of the boroughs have local history societies? Often seems that 'cultural' provision is only permitted if it never refers to native culture, history, customs, traditions. How 'inclusive' is that?
Tower Hamlets - Excellent Museum of Docklands almost qualifies.
Hillingdon has some displays of local history on the top floor of Uxbridge library.
I popped into Croydon museum this week, and you are right its not really worth going out of your way for. Other than one thing, in my opinion: a stunning painting, "Courageous", by local artist Norman Partridge, showing dozens of local people during the blitz. Its worth a long look.
I still remember you squeezing in a visit to the museum at Erith just before it closed and the reason I remember is that you mentioned a reference to Sovex, which was a local company where my Dad worked. Despite getting there just a day or two later, the shutters had already been pulled down for good.

My own favourites had been the one above the library at Plumstead, and another at Orpington, but alas both of those are also now long gone.
It's a real shame about all those which have been lost so I guess we should be thankful for the ones still going
I think Borough Museums suffer as most London boroughs don't have the specific and dominant identity that discrete towns of a similar population have. How many people associate themselves as living in Barnet or Havering, as opposed to Hull or Derby?

Especially as many of the major exhibits will be in Nationally important collections instead, e.g. the RAF Museum at Hendon (in Barnet) has some interesting exhibits on the history of aviation in the area, the National Maritime museum in Greenwich will cover Greenwich's naval history etc
No mention of Hounslow - do they have a Museum?

dg writes: See under E, not H.
Also see Wednesday's post
So sad to hear that Barnet closed the Farmhouse Museum which was a positive delight. That local schools didn't use it as a resource and that it was almost in Middlesex University's campus shows lack of academic attention. What with Harringey loosing the history of the Middlesex Regiment from Bruce Castle years ago it seems the historic past that Brexit reflects is lost on the population after all.
Vestry House Museum is important to visit because we have little understanding these days of what living in a workhouse must have been like. The other collectibles are an added bonus.

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