please empty your brain below

I had an auntie who was like you, she went to all the worshipful companies.

I'm going to do the City - the Guildhall and the Livery Companies... wish the sun would appear!
Have a good one DG



The roof garden is still there? Okay I remember it better as Biba's than Derry & Toms but for some reason I thought it was long gone

Down Street disused Underground station - have you been there yet?

DG - surely you need to climb up The Monument now that's been re-opened. Hope your 40+ old legs can make it. I bet you would get good pictures of the Olympic Project from up there.

How can you not have been to Wembley Stadium? I went on a tour there when they had the Twin Towers, though, to be fair, I've never visited the new Wembley Stadium.

Ticked off today:

Chartered Accountants' Hall (!)
Butchers' Hall
Haberdashers' Hall
Daily Express Building
Royal Courts of Justice
Foreign Office

I saved the best till last... brilliant! Could highly recommend for those who've never been inside.

I managed five this year (am impressed that EskimoPie got to see seven!):

The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret (brilliant)
The Rose Theatre (interesting talk)
120 Fleet Street (impressive and shiny)
Royal Courts of Justice (well organised)
HQS Wellington (lots of model ships on a big ship)

Am now knackered, but will blog about these places tomorrow!

Haha, I remember that conversation. But I can't remember what my own admissions for never-visited major landmarks are. I've been to Wembley, but not yet the new one.

I had a pretty decent Open House this year. I managed 12 on Saturday - all in Bloomsbury and the environs. Major highlight was the Government Art Collection, hidden in a 'secret' location off Tottenham Court Road. Pre-book only, but strongly recommended for next year.

Today I only managed six, but can recommend Seaford House on Belgrave Square (gorgeous Onyx stair case) and Mark Masons Hall on St James Street (have you ever been in a freemason's bar before?) for next September.

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