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Thanks for this dg. I am so pleased that Tim Hunkin's work will now be on display in London. Have been a fan of his for years, then stumbled upon his arcade on Southwold pier last year having entirely forgotten it was there.
We stumbled across Tim Hunkin's delightful automata few years ago on Southwold Pier. The Microbreak holiday is an abiding memory. Makes note to head to Holborn. Thanks for this information.
Great! I hadn't heard about this at all, although I have heard of Tim Hunkin. I'll go as soon as I can.
I've been a fan of Tim's since watching him and Rex on the Secret Life of Machines series in the late 80s / early 90s.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Tim twice. A very nice chap.
Free admission but £1 per token? Very clever, but could work out expensive for families!
I was very sad to go hunting in around 2005 for the Covent Garden museum to find it had closed. I had fond memories of it from when I was wee and am surprised that it didn't make money. I guess rent would have been the killer.

Look forward to giving this new one a wee visit next time I'm down.
Like Dave, I've been a fan since seeing him on the Secret Life of Machines: one particular recollection was seeing him show that video tape was little more than sellotape with rust particles stuck to it.
It was great to visit London Zoo a year or so ago, and see that the clock there was designed by him
I too remember the "museum" in Covent Garden, a whole host of automata by a group of brilliant and anarchic designers and inventors including Tim Hunkin. As a teacher of Design Technology I used pictures of many of their invention to spark ideas in my students, and always recommended a visit to the museum if students were in London. I was so disappointed when "Cabaret" closed down. My daughter is now teaching Design Technology herself so will recommend a visit to this new venue. thank you for letting us all know it is there.
Brilliantly informative as usual, and you sound as if you had a great time too!
I loved the Covent Garden museum and missed into. Didn't Tim also do the wonderful animated clock in London Zoo? I think he also makes and sells kits to make your own versions at home.

I will be round to Holborn asap!
Hmmm. Just came back with an afterthought. I think the *best* thing I like about some of Tim's animated characters is that they seem a natural evolutionary progression from some of the creations the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band were making in the 1960s.
Ian: look up^ :)
Well, I was able to get up there this afternoon and I'm very pleased I did.
Loved the Pet or Meat
Enjoyed the holiday and being frisked.
Didn't quite so much enjoy the nuclear radiation after dropping the plutonium rod :(
Mention of clocks above, I remember the Guinness Clock which used to entertain people in Battersea Park.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention - I've put it on my List and might even get there this weekend. I think it sounds great!
I must visit this place some time, but how do you find out about all these interesting places when you are so anti-marketing (see 21st Feb)?

dg writes: I keep my eyes open. Only the very dull survive solely on a diet of press releases.

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