please empty your brain below

You have your Cranford's (Middlesex) mixed up with your Cranbrook's (Kent) in Milepost 10 & 12 text. I blame your spell checker.

dg writes: Actually my Colnbrooks (Berks). Updated thanks.
A very promising start to the Milestoned series.

I do like the elegant gloved pointy hands in the first picture.
that encourages me to keep an eye out for more.
also noticed that the 'privet' hedge in 8 is in fact laurel.

dg writes: Updated, thanks.
So there are nice milestones in built up areas, and rougher ones elsewhere, some look quite modern, no poncy lettering and clean lines.

Perhaps an arrow to show in which direction London is xx miles away on 12, 13, 14 and 15 would have been nice (a couple of hundred years late to make this suggestion).
"Passers-by use the recess as a litter bin, if they even notice it at all."

I'm slightly ashamed to say that I must have passed the Hammersmith milestone hundreds of times over the last 25 years (and had a drink in the Hammersmith Ram on a fair number of occasions too...) without ever noticing it was there.

As ever in awe of DGs eye for detail.
I remember the milestone by the Ram (which used to be known as the Builders before Young's changed the name - goddamn them). My fuzzy brain didn't really connect it to the A4. Thanks DG for this series.
I'm glad you didn't walk it - though no doubt it would have been entirely within your ability to have done so, if you had so wished!

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