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I think it is correct to keep the same size, line layout etc between night and day tube maps. Consistency = ease of use, and not everyone is a tube geek. Remember that DG.
What is better, two services at 20 min intervals or one at 10 minute intervals?
Geographical version of the night tube map at
"And who wouldn't love the cute owl logo that's been created to give the Night Tube its own identity?"

The very same cute owl was used by London Transport back in the early 1980s when the Night Bus Service was vastly increased in the amount of routes that operated and was called the "Night Owl service", this was complimented by the first use of a spare bus/standby bus which was based at Victoria Garage and would be ready to slot in to cover for any missing buses on any of the 38 night routes that were operating at that time, also all night timetables/maps were publicised as "Night Owl Routes" using the same cute little owl.
Watch out, watch out.. Bromley isn't included

London's transport history teaches us that that isn't a good idea..
TfL now have three symbols for Night services. They have new "smiley owl" for the Night Tube. They have "grumpy owl" on some of the Night Bus Spider Maps and "Night Bus and Moon" on other Night Bus Spider Maps. It might be good to pick one and use it consistently.

Grumpy Owl -

Bus and Moon -

One thing that is a tiny bit disappointing with the night tube map is that there is nothing to indicate if a Night Bus or Weekend Night Bus service will serve a Night Tube station. Obviously the night bus changes are still out for consultation but it would be a step forward to show connections as not every station will have a bus connection which is obviously different from day time. It would be nice to imagine that TfL might actually produce a decent quality night time travel guide but I'm not holding my breath.

The other thing that is not mentioned on the map is what "night" means - i.e. the hours of operation. This seems a rather strange omission.
An other interesting question: will there be poster maps at all stations, or just on the ones served by night services?
I think the poster looks dreadful. And I've got a big screen.
I think the fact that the Northern Line won't stop at Elephant and Castle is a big issue for people in South East London as it prevents connections with a huge number of night buses that serve the area.
As others have remarked, Night Owl is not at all new. Surely you knew that?
Yes, if you look at the night bus maps...

Then Elephant is the biggest interchange on the system. There are a couple of buses that run through there from Waterloo and Southwark, though. Not that I'd like to change to a bus at Southwark at 3am.
Actually there is a fourth kind of owl! ;) I just noticed on the pocket-sized tube map.

It looks very much like the grumpy owl, but it has surprised eyes, so it's not so grumpy :)
The owl "Buses for Night Owls" owl is not identical to either of the current ones.

See the November 1989 leaflet cover on this page
Brilliant analysis, well done. Hope the Night Tube poster people take note.
Good series of posts this, DG.

Please ignore any negativity you're getting in some comments. I don't even live anywhere near London - but I do use the tube extensively when I visit for work and pleasure.

Anyone thinking of posting a bit of commentary negativity should consider how bloody well-off they are already compared to much of the rest of the the country (i.e. UK beyond London) before busting one.
I've just caught up with the last few days worth of posts and comments. You put so much time and effort into this blog and the moment people can take a swipe at you they do.

For what its worth DG, the internet would be a damn sight less interesting without you. Don't listen to the naysayers. Keep up the good work.
"Bromley isn't included"
Bromley will have just as many tube services at night as it does in the day time

@Uncle Audrey
"the Northern Line won't stop at Elephant and Castle is a big issue ..... as it prevents connections with a huge number of night buses that serve the area. "

You would never need to change from Tube to bus at the Elephant - all night buses through the Elephant also call at Westminster (12, 53, 148, 453, N155) or Waterloo (176, 188, N1, N68, N171 or Southwark (N63, N89, or London Bridge (N35, N133, N343) or Liverpool Street and Vauxhall (344), - all on the Night Tube network. So you take the Tube to whichever of those stations your particular Night Bus passes.

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