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Given the fate of so many other google products, you're right to point out that they could have just pulled the plug.

I'm sure we're all grateful that they haven't.

I hope you've given some consideration to what you'd do if they did.
font tags? Get out of the 90s, granddad :)
Ugh! I'm using the legacy version too, but hadn't realised that it only lasts a few weeks.
Thanks for not letting technology get in the way (too much) of a good ‘Crossrail is delayed again’ post, DG ;-)
HTML tags being deprecated in favour of "better" versions may be better for serious web development, but for this kind of thing, there's no reason why DG shouldn't use "old" ones (which is why most browsers still support deprecated things like frame)

If there's a HTML mode, can't you just write in that rather than using the normal text window?
HTML mode no longer has editing tools, making it hard to write in.

Also, every time you revert to HTML mode New Blogger 'improves' the code you'd previously written.
Wordpress recently went through a radical rethink of its admin panel for writers.

The most popular plug-in on Wordpress now - the Classic Editor tool that restores the old way of working.

I am all for improvements, but sometimes companies leap when then they should shuffle slowly.
This is Blogger's first major internal upgrade for over 10 years, so a very slow shuffle.
Oh no, I really enjoy your HTML fiddly bits DG, they are a lot of fun!
The way I read the legacy version thing is that you have until August to revert, after which you would be stuck with the version that doesn't work.

I hope that wasn't just wishful thinking.

dg writes: alas, wishful thinking
I understand very little of the foregoing, and have no wish to have it explained. Grateful for your perseverance though DG.
No idea what it all means but I feel your pain. Too many divs Is never a good thing!
Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control I have had a lot of spare time on my hands recently.

I spent at least some of that time reading dg from the start, trying to work out when I first found the blog (the inspiration for starting my own blog).

On July 15 2003 you worried that Crossrail may not even be finished in time for the Olympics. How did that go?
I was wondering how long it would take DG to address the purple elephant in the room that is the latest Crossrail delay.
Pleased to say I got nowhere near Poplar yesterday (but did pass through Canary Wharf on the tube).
As someone who has always done his websites in pure HTML I absolute hate all these Wordpress/Joomla/younameit systems which try and do things how they want it and not you. Progress, not.
I'm in awe. I'd thought most of the horrors of automated HTML had been cured by DreamWeaver ~20 years ago. You'd think someone would have learned from it in the time since then. (And yes, the last time I did serious HTML DW was current and cool)
I no longer have the need (or patience) to work through software upgrades, so you have my sympathy (and admiration). I used to try to copy/paste existing stuff or templates to avoid the need to edit coding, but not always successfully! Best of Luck,
Not sure what they're trying to convey by putting PEDESTRIAN in white. All it does for me is create an optical illusion that it's slightly lower than the surrounding text (or is the print actually slightly misaligned?). Anyway, it's the bridge they're enhancing not the users, some of whom may not be pedestrians.
My inner editor wants to rewrite the whole poster in a very different style.
Hear Hear Frank F
One of my genealogy sites has just changed how things look again - *sigh*
Now the boxes for date of death only appear if you specifically click the "not alive" button, for one thing - even if the birth date entered was 200 years ago!!
It slows everything down at the input end, doesn't it.

I hope you find a way to solve the "fiddly" bits" problem, as I too really enjoy them.
DG would it be any easier if your composed your post in something like Open Live Writer and then uploaded that into Blogger? 🤔
Once again DG has done his magic trick of artfully weaving two distinct message into one blended post. This is where the scheme of two separate comment boxes might have been expected. But no, this time we only get one. Our collective endeavours are not achieving the same level of integration, it seems to me.
I feel your pain DG. I've given up on maintaining my blog because (among other reasons) since learning more than just basic HTML, I can't seem to get used to their updates. Tried to get my partner a Blogspot blog but it was hideous, not user-friendly, and dysfunctional to the point of making him move to Wordpress. If it ain't broke, why (bother to) fix it?
PEDESTRIAN is the description of Crossrail "on time, on budget" progress.
I think the overpromising of delivery dates comes from a viewpoint that the project would never be approved if the date was properly realistic.

Not just public projects either, have seen the same on internal projects in business, too.
I'm surprised you didn't write the entire post in a separate real editor, and then simply paste it into the Blogger UI at the end to post!
I cannot use HTML but the new Blogger face has riled me. Why change what worked, if you must change why do it so badly?
Nothing is easy, all is confusing and your post makes me happy, because I am not the only one suffering.

Microsoft have amended the face of Outlook also, and not to anyone's advantage.
For years cars have basically stuck to the same general operating format. A big steering wheel. A gear stick. Three pedals, arranged the same on every car (unless it's an auto).

If cars were developed like most software, every couple of years they'd move the steering wheel, replace it with a joystick, put the gear stick behind your head or rationalise all three pedals into one big one, etc etc.

I am labouring this rather dodgy analogy but you get the point. It absolutely does me in when software / interfaces change so radically, rather than just evolve.

(I know blogger has stayed the same for years, but it's an exception)

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