please empty your brain below

06.45 Paddington to Swansea or 06.48 St Prancras to Nottingham?
From Euston...
6.34 Liverpool Lime Street
6.36 Manchester Picadilly
6.43 Edinburgh
A mystery trip, excellent!
15 minutes brushing their face eh? I am now visualising you sat next to a Wookiee!!
0647 St Pancras to Brussels?
0633 Kings cross to Leeds?
If the train is full of civil servants, I’d take a guess on Brussels.
Kölm, day trip.
There are female ministers at Housing, DCMS, DEFRA, Work & Pensions, Business, and the Home Office.
So the rails dont necessarily lead to Brussels!
If the Secretary of State is female, that narrows it down to six departments: Home Office; Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy; Work & Pensions; Culture, Media & Sport; Environment, Food & Rural Affairs; and International Trade. The latter might argue for Brussels, but the assembling boxes thing sounds like some kind of consultation or participation event, and that’s not how they do things there. So we’ll have to wait and see...
Not foggy in Brussels today.
Train two is not a Eurostar because everybody has a seat, nor a tube, because they do not have a vestibule.
I deduct it was a National Rail train, and less than 22 minute journey.
Train 1 a minimum of about 90 mins, train 2 a maximum of about an hour. Hmmm...
Yes, but is the hot water/bath/heating problem solved yet? No mention of it between 05.12 and 05.50.
I'm guessing Lincoln is the destination, with the change being at Newark North Gate.
Highly unlikely to be Eurostar, given the requirement for a 60 minute check-in before departure and thus plenty of people-watching time. Scope for a whole blog down there.
I thought 'DG is really getting above himself if he thinks he's entitled to a reserved seat on the Tube', then I read everybody else's comments and reread the post. Sorry, DG.
A "real time" internet Mystery Tour!
Can I be the first to ask "Are we there yet?"?
Jonathan Wadman - DG should by now have reserved seating next to the driver on the tube!!

Hmmm Scotland? I'm trying to remember DGs last little graphic of places visited but my memory isn't that good!
If they’re Whitehall civil servants, it’s unlikely (but not impossible) to be Scotland. Unless they got off the train before DG did.
I love these graphic day trips. You can actually visualise dg’s day!
This is more exciting than the Guardian Live politics blog today.
I thought Frank had it right with Newark/Lincoln as the timings are right (and the civil servants could be going anywhere on the main line northwards) - BUT dg wouldn't call Lincoln a town, and I can't identify a museum that opens at 11:00 and has something of note to stand on and is reached by a bus from Lincoln at 09:30 and has a cafe and a disused railway.....
Just realised it can't be Newark/Lincoln anyway, because dg would have been off Train 1 before 08:03!
Iron Bridge?!?
Somewhere in West Midlands fits with half term - 06.43 as far as Birmingham New Street then a couple of possible late running connecting services
Tim - a pretty smart guess I'd think.

Have a good day DG.
Ironbridge fits all the clues - according to Arriva's website they are currently operating a free shuttle bus service to Ironbridge because of roadworks.
Ironbridge by Moonlight dinner, Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron.
Before reading the comments I was thinking Ironbridge. Now that I've read them I'm thinking definitely Ironbridge.
In which case dg is to be congratulated on basking in the sunshine while the SE gets soaked!
That'll be Jackfield brass band that practices in the old chapel, so Ironbridge it is.
I can confirm that it was quite foggy around Telford this morning (I passed through around 8.35am on the way from Shrewsbury to Birmingham)
Plus "this town seems to be mostly shopping centre" would fit Telford well, specifically the 15-20 minute walk from the railway station to the bus station through the confusing maze of Telford Shopping Centre, plus car parks
"Mineshaft from Doctor Who"... there's some obscure knowledge about Blists Hill. Any sign of where young Luke was turned into a tree?
re 14:21 - There's no pavement along that stretch of road and it's very steep. Much better & quieter along the Silkin Way
Well those who guessed Ironbridge were right seeing the photos DG has just posted on flickr!
Thank you for today’s Day Out’.Great fun. Any chance of learning the Government Department and before the period of Electoral Purdah, an item of gossip?
What was 1 Across?

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