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Transit of Venus: Surely the shadow of Venus crosses the face of the Earth.

I'd take Shakespeare over the Olympics any day. Thanks for reminding me of the World Shakespeare Festival.

Ah yes, that reminds me - some crack-pot author I read years ago said certain 'disasters' would happen 2013...perhaps we've already had warning of them this year? Oooooooooh. I'll have to raid my boxes of books to see what he really said!

Armageddon, my guess is that kittens will some how be involved. ;-D

A little more positivity would surely help, DG?

i thought it was going to be 21st Dec, o bugger have to change date of party.

dg writes: sorry, I accidentally shortened the future by a day there.

Do you think Her Majesty will move her celebrations to a bit later in the year, as we won't have moved back to the UK by June. :(

Transit of Venus - Venus (itself) crosses the disc of the Sun - ie between the Sun and the Earth. We viewed the previous transit from Greenwich, on a lovely sunny day in 2004. Loads of astronomers there - all very friendly and perfectly happy to let small son view the transit through their telescopes...

Agreed, Venus it is, not Venus's shadow.

And I was up at Greenwich Observatory too - a fantastically well-arranged morning with so much to see. But I bet they don't do it again for 2012 (mainly because it's all over by breakfast).

I, for one, welcome our new vampire space unicorn overlords.

Can't wait for 2013

I saw the 2004 transit in Western Australia, on a bright sunny afternoon. Might not be so lucky next year.

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