please empty your brain below

Blimey.. a link to a ftp server... it's not often you seen one of those

The Post Office don't believe in having a single webpage listing all the last posting dates - they just have a downloadable pdf. But then they always were quirky and inefficient.

*objects to being called 'an odd friend'*


*realises that she has no grounds for complaint after all*

But *if* your work colleagues realised who you are, when you're not at work, they'd all be clammering to send you one... they don't know what they're missing, because who knows what your wonderful FOTCR™ cards are going to be worth in a few years time. More than first editions I suspect. Like those sketches Beatrix Potter did for children she knew.

Damn, that's me off the list...

If your work colleagues include the people I think they include I would save your money on at least two of them.

Well post your address and I am sure many of your readers will post you one.

I don't think Debster's thought that through.

I think she has! Anyway I am sure E3 delivery office are pretty good at finding a home for the mountains of mail addressed only to "Diamond Geezer,Bow"

Thanks for the reminder on the last posting dates for 1st & 2nd Class Male, DG

I only post to 1st class males.

While all the 1st class females I post to are getting married... :-(

I toyed with the idea of sending you a Christmas card, DG, but then you would have felt obliged to send me one and the postage to NZ is a bit pricey.

That's ₤1 more than me...

I have done no Christmas shopping, which is the norm for me in the past few years. I hope not to receive Christmas cards (seems a waste of paper) but if I do, I always post any return cards after Christmas Day. If the old song is correct Christmas lasts for 12 days!.
Christmas is over commercialised

Oh, dear, today is the last day for 2nd class letters, I should I suppose, shift my bum from the PC to the pile of unwritten cards that have been on the table for days and days, is 08:47 a bit early for a glass of sherry, to set the card writing mood?

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