please empty your brain below

Oh! Barnsdale! The chap who took over from the late Geoff Hamilton, and the fine people who work for him, are also responsible for installing both our gardens...

I can't get the Buses link to work, dg. Perhaps because there were no buses?

A shame that the amazing Delaine bus company only clips Rutland at Essendine (suns excluded,of course), close to where Mallard broke the world steam speed record in 1938: 126mph

It's quite a nice walk, though. I've often walked from Stamford to Oakham via Rutland Water, taking in Normanton Church and finishing in the Grainstore Brewery.

If you want complete inaccessibility in Rutland, Uppingham is the place to (try and) go.

Ah, it was Whitwell? I remember passing through there and thinking they were perhaps overestimating their twinning potential.

The walk round the Hambleton peninsula is deceptive. You think its only short but its miles and miles. I also remember lot of dead oak trees poking out of the water, creepy!

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