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A while back I showed my young people a long clip of Fanny in full voice, doing what she did uniquely. They simply refused to accept that she was not a spoof character, likely due to her voice and grotesque eyebrows. The vehemence of their responses caused me to wonder afresh what we once accepted as mainstream on TV.
I only discovered this last week, but Derek Jacobi is a local lad too, and this trail takes you straight past his childhood home on Essex Road South. Leytonstoner has the details - I'm not sure why the council doesn't, maybe they also didn't know.
Blimey, all this within a mile of me - I must look up a bit more.
I live in one of the houses which was built in the crater of David Baileys bombed neighbours house and overlook his old back garden.

If you’re around these parts again and fancy a lost river walk then the Fillebrook river runs around these parts.
Interesting to see where Fanny Cradock started from - she was our neighbour for a year or two when we were first married. Her place was a very nice Queen Anne (I think) house in Grove Mill, just outside Watford; ours was a much more interesting old farm across the canal, then subdivided into eight bedsits. We got back from our honeymoon to find a demolition order and plans for redevelopment on our place; we moved out on Princess Anne's wedding day, which greatly pleased the people helping us move as they were glad to have work on a government-ordained bank holiday for national rejoicing and sitting around at home watching the wedding. And one of them, really, really couldn't stand Fanny Cradock, so was delighted to see her dustbin with lots food packaging spilling out of it (this was 1973, there was a lot of snobbery about ready meals).
Fanny & Johnny certainly moved around a lot. They also lived in a large house in Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath in the early 60s. I know because I was a paperboy then, and they had more Sunday papers than anyone else on my round and the smallest letterbox.. harrumph!
The Fear of Fanny TV drama (search YouTube) is worth watching as it gives some background into her life. There are also various episodes available on YT.

Fanny was THE TV cook of the time and a must to watch for entertainment. She doesn't look as scary in the YT episodes as I remember her.
I'm still startled if I ever happen upon a clip of Fanny Craddock.
I one saw Fanny C (one d or two?) live at the Food Fair, Olympia back in something like 1963.
Not the controversial New Johnston, given the single-stroke digits 1 and the pointed lower counter of the letters g on the plaque.
I can add Jonathan Ross, Alfred Hitchcock, Bobby Crush and Graham Gooch to your list.

ps my wife and her parents lived next door to derek Jacobi until we were married.
Fanny "ruled the roast" is definitely a keeper! As an E17 lad I rarely had much reason to visit E10 or E11, but I have to admit they seem to have a lot more famous past residents than Walthamstow does!
E17. Harry Kane and William Morris come to mind.
I wonder how many other blue plaques warrant a unique font.
It's not unique as the blue plaque for Johnston himself on Upper Mall in Hammersmith W6 is also in Johnston New.
The message here seems to be, if you want to become famous, get out of Leyton.

Re Fanny Cradock, not quite the first celebrity TV chef. Philip Harben is forgotten now, but was quite the name on the BBC in the forties and fifties.
omg you must have walked past my house !!

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