please empty your brain below

I always enjoy the views from those hills, but I choose sunny warm days in summer! Seems dg is a hardy soul.
Again you have found one of my favourite walks although I usually start at Hassocks.

Your comment about the masochistic mile-long ascent does have a flip side - especially if doing the London-Brighton cycle ride. Once you get to the top of Ditchling Beacon it is downhill all the way to Madeira Drive on the seafront at the end. So when your cycling legs are worn out you walk up and freewheel virtually all the way to Brighton.
Fantastic walk, and closely follows the Brighton and Hove City boundary. How many cities can boast walks like that?
Anybody care to propose what the gentlemen with flags were about? My unfounded guess would be something archaeological.
The Dangleway link has lost its http. Been a while since that happened...
Since I moved to Brighton 3 years ago, this became my favourite walk and I have done it more times than I care to remember. Wonderful views and the buses at either end are incredibly convenient.

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