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I'm old enough to remember them putting up the Bow flyover. 1967 I think. The Bow junction was before that a serious bottleneck. Today less so, what with the congestion charge, limited City parking and the A12 there is not the same amount of traffic. Be interesting to see if the congestion arises again along Stratford High St if they get rid of it.
Cue the crayonistas!
As you have yourself pointed out, it is already possible to negotiate the junction on foot using traffic-light controlled flows only, by using the centre island. Cyclists could use that method too. No civil engineering work needed (unless the flyover is about to fall down)
a 'non-lethal road junction' sounds like a Good Idea. There should be more of them.

Ditto 'Safe passage for pedestrians'!

Certainly a good idea to add pedestrian facilities - it's awful to try to cross at the moment.

I wonder about the removal of the flyover though - while it simplifies matters in terms of vehicles weaving and changing lanes, it also means all traffic will have to go via the roundabout, and given the already lengthy queues at busy periods, I'd worry how much worse this would make it.

I'm still not sure why buses going from Bow towards Stratford can't use the flyover rather than clogging up the roundabout approaches only to go straight across.
I wonder if they can find some spare money to put a green man at the lights at the next junction at wick road / Tredegar road as well. As crossing there is like running the gauntlet sometimes.
"I'm still not sure why buses going from Bow towards Stratford can't use the flyover"
Because they would have to cross two lanes of traffic to get away from the Bow Church stop (G) on to the flyover, and miss the next two stops (M and W) altogether?

In the other direction there would be similar problems at stops P and L.
I hear that the plans have been delayed and won't be available until jan/feb so don't hold your breath.

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