please empty your brain below

Langdon Park, that brings back some memories!! Especially the school, my workplace work with the school quite often through the Princes Trust on something called Druidstone.

I will only stop off Langdon Park to have a look at the station. I quite like the futuristic look of it.

Another excellent report DG but you do King Newt a small disservice. He was there yesterday (Monday) for the fishal opening doling out free PAYG Oysters for anyone that would have them, as confirmed by a piece on BBC London News at 6.30pm.

Apologies DG for my schoolboy error above. I should have read your update first before posting. Doh!

Less welcome though that there are now no trains beyond Canary Wharf on the Stratford branch after 10am. Great! Nor any trains to the city unlike the other four branches.

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