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I'm glad there's a Paralympics and wish all concerned a great time. But pay money to see it? No. Unless they start giving tickets away there will be more participants than spectators.

I'm hoping to get a day pass, just so I can experience the Olympic Park for myself.

I have nothing but admiration for the effort of the participants, but I'll give it a miss; I'll not even watch it on the TV.

I hope people will buy the tickets - because if you like sport then the Paralympics can throw up as exciting sporting events as the Olympics and certainly should be worth seeing - especially at the prices they are charging.

If you are over 60 then the price per ticket is only £5 and that includes travel. For newly retired people like me who aren't yet eligible for a Freedom Pass - that in effect means I am getting a discount on the normal cost of travel and a free ticket for the event!

I would actually be better off buying tickets and just using them for travel in London and not bothering to watch the events themselves!

It's interesting watching the Athletics World Championships on TV at the moment to see how many empty seats there are even for the evening final sessions - never mind the morning heats. Hopefully we can do better than that not only for the Olympics but also the Paralympics

as much as i like your writing, i am getting a bit tired of the constant olympics/east london transport theme of your blog.

As DG lives in East London I think his topics are quite understandable.


Don't read the ones that don't interest you then. It's not compulsory you know!

Hi dave

I'd give the next fortnight a miss if I were you.

Top tip for exciting action: wheelchair rugby. Very fast paced, almost guaranteed lots of action - this is the game that was originally named 'murderball' thanks to its aggressive, full contact nature. Anyone who thinks paralympic sports = dull should give this a go

I'm sure you will do what you please - and continue with the current themes -they're informative and interesting and certainly today's post has prompted me to do some research on the paralympic events I should see - and which days I need to apply for

I've now uncovered details of some of our fantastic paralympians who really deserve our support and I'm looking forward to being able to make my aplication for tickets.

I sent an email question to London 2012 today and they phoned back very efficiently a couple of hours later as they quite rightly thought it was easier to explain the answer over the phone .

I wanted to know what the ballot process was going to be for the reduced price tickets.

Apparently - there is no upper limit on how many they will sell at each event.

For the Olmpics the reduced prices for over 60's were restricted to the cheapest seats but for the paralympics you can request the top price tickets (say £45) and just pay £5 if selected. Children have to be accompanied by an adult, but over 60's are allowed on their own!

If attending with another person paying an adult rate - then you will get the tickets seated together in the appropriate price band for the adult ticket

So a £45 ticket for £5 including travel, sounds a great deal. So expect the audience to be made up largely of pensioners and their grandchildren!

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