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Brilliant yes. But am I the only one of his fans to be just a tiny bit tired of danglefly-baiting? There must be some more things wrong with London or the world, not involving kittens, needing some of his trenchency more desperately than this poor old set of tins on a string. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for emirates - (at least until I remember the 65 million).
The diamond dot in the middle of the Air Line roundel is nice.

I'm not sure it really makes up for the fact that it's a bit of an overblown tourist attraction. Like the New Bus for London, it seems to be one of Boris's whims that's gone a bit too far.
I going to use it on my next trip to London. ;-D
It's been a very long time since we had a post about kittens. Even if they do count as hand luggage for dangleway purposes.
Hahahahaha!! Brilliant!

"But do try to get a window seat if you can. There are some excellent views of the North Greenwich Arena overspill car park and the Royal Docks riverside industrial wasteland."

"I should warn you there's bugger all at your destination, apart from a Londis and a Tesco Express, and an exhibition centre with no exhibitions for the next month. But our staff will be only too happy to sell you another flight back."

Coffee over the keyboard moments!
"Can I interest you in a frequent flyer pass, Sir? ...Sir?"

Brilliant :)
I am very amused.

Isn't Woolwich another name for the Greenwich Pennisula?
just got back from my trip on it. who was that i run into whilst there? none other then DG himself.

- journey took 6 minutes. should have been 5 but it STOPPED right when i was in the middle to let a wheelchair user off. they told me before i got on that it wouldn't stop for wheelchair users as there was 'plenty of time' - make your mind up

- it was slightly scary. if you don't like heights don't go on it.

- it is expensive. and confusing. boarding pass or ticket? or oyster? or a carnet which you must keep to yourself and not let anyone else use?

- the initial queues were gone by the time i got there are 3pm. after the Olympics, i'm still not really sure who's going to use it.

- keep baiting them. yes £36m got pumped in by ArabFly, but a lot of public money got wasted too, which could have been invested in making better our existing public transport.

- not saying it's awful, just .. not that brilliant either. it's cable car... hey ho.
I love your blog, but the obsession with rubbishing the cable car is becoming extremely tiresome. Get over it!
Ooo-er :(
Stopping in the middle to let a wheelchair off?
Aren't they supposed to get off at the ends, like everybody else???
Just back. The views are very nice (on a lovely sunny day like today).
My ride also co-incided with a wheelchair user. It doesn't actually stop to load/unload for the wheelchair, but it slows down to a very very very slow speed.
The poor chap in the wheelchair was very perplexed when the staff insisted on strapping his wheelchair in - exactly where he was likely to go whilst we crossed I have no idea....
Given that these things run in the Alps with thirty adults crammed in - all holding a set of sharp sticks each - this strapping in a wheelchair is a bit OTT
I've been lucky enough to have spent a while in the Alps, and I've had the enjoyment of riding on a few cable cars. It started with getting a car to the top of a mountain and then walking down again, but - after my girlfriend got into Nordic Walking - things started to turn the other way around.
Completely aprorpos of nothing, quite a few of the Alpine cablecars carry bikes, so that 'downhill' riders can get to the top and then ride back down.
I'm tempted by the dangleway but didn't get there today. Soon. I'm thinking I'll take my pushbike, the idea being that - if I'm too tight to pay for a return trip - I'll be able to ride back where to I started, instead.
Wonderful post again. Ta Cxx
@ Geofftech - were you really surprised to see DG at a first day of a new transport facility in London? Surely it's "de rigeur" that he attends?
Roger W - it's a long way to cycle back: bikes are not allowed in the Blackwall tunnel or the Jubilee Line!
I have ridden a few cable cars in Austria in the summer, and I must say the views were slightly prettier than those in your photos. However as a Londoner I feel I must give it a try one day, tho I am a bit wobbly about heights, might need a drop of gin first to calm the nerves. And yes I agree with PC, I am pretty sure Geoftech would know he might see DG there. It looked like a boys' fun outing to me.
Thanks for that, Timbo. I think I'd been thinking in terms of one of the foot-tunnels... or even the Woolwich Ferry.
I like the ferry. It doesn't cost anything.
Hello Diamond Geezer,

Can you do me a favour and advertise the new accessible transport site for London.
You already know my pub history sites for London, which continue to grow.


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