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I've always like the private houses best of all the Open House venues.

Have you done the Herbarium at Kew? I'm biased, but it's a fascinating place.

Oh poo, I didn't even know the new Triangle Centre was part of OH. Reading this post made me want to go and pay a visit but it turns out it was only open for yesterday. I live practically across the road yet I've never been able to find a good enough excuse to go in!

The Town Hall's architect also did Rayner's Lane station in 1938.

I visited Hornsey town hall too, and really enjoyed it - living locally I've been past hundreds of times but never seen the inside (apart from on stenders.) Anyway, think the architecht was from NZ rather than Dutch.

<dg checks> <dg nods> New Zealand it is, ta.

I've been going to Open House for four years now, and have still got so much to see in the centre. Yesterday I barely had to queue for anything, I must have timed my visits better than the previous years! I think I enjoyed the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret best, although I think 'experiments with a saw' would be a better name for 'operations' in those days.

Glad you had a good Open House day in Haringey. I never think about going to the local boroughs, yet in a way these are the real finds. Really enjoy your write ups of each place, I hope Tom received other visitors interested in his design.

Just a couple of 'simple' ones for me - but entirely enjoyable all the same.
First Severndroog Castle on Shooters Hill - for the first time since I was a kid - for an over-the-treetops view of London and Kent.
The other, City Hall, again looking out across London from up-on-high, but from the centre looking outwards.
(There would've been a 3rd, given a bit more time: it would probably have been Charlton House or A Slice of Reality)

My two on Saturday were the Hampstead Theatre in the morning and 201 Bishopsgate Tower in the afternoon,(long queue)and only access to the 17th floor, still good views. The building at 540ft is 3rd tallest in London. (Not for long!)
For Sunday I'm off to the Foreign Office and then the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Get it right geezer the graffiti walls were there long before the skatepark and are legal and an important part of the park. Artists from all sides of london and beyond come here to showcase their art and to express themselves. Take some time to look at some of this "vandalism" you might be surprised by the artistic merit most of it has and if you're lucky enough to catch one in the act the time and effort they put in to it. The skatepark was built over the other side the graffiti walls by skaters themselves not the council.

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