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I have to admit, I worried when I read about this that the birds might not be all that happy with nowhere to perch that didn't make a racket. But I read recently that one of them laid an egg, so they can't be too stressed, and I'm glad to hear that they seem able to avoid the noise if they want to.

The emperor's new clothes? Maybe. But rather good fun. When visitors walk in and realise that all the sound is, in fact, being made by the birds, they all had big smiles on their faces.
There's plenty of space for the birds to fly around, and they seem to be trying to build nests in various places - on the guitars themselves, in the alcove that holds a fire extinguisher - and they perch on the walls and mic stands, and hop along the floor.

I'd definitely echo DG's advice to visit midweek - we turned up at lunchtime today (inspired by this post), and only had to wait long enough for the attendant to explain the one-in one-out policy before enough people had left for us to go in.

Great fun. (Meaningless and pretentious perhaps too. But great fun nonetheless) I got in mid-afternoon the other day without even needing to queue, and will definitely return. Luckily I work nearby

What an amazing idea! Sounds fun. Shame it's no longer on when I'll next be there.

I'll be going next week. Thanks DG :)

It's what tweets - and posts - are for. Cheer up [HAH} C Bowes/Exit Pursued by a Bear, nobody made you go.

I started to doubt the artistic integrity of Boursier-Mougenot's installation when the opening bars of 'Eight Miles High' started to ring out this afternoon

i thought you would have sent a tweet about this...

That was my point...

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