please empty your brain below

That is a splendid find. And boy are you right about the "last day of summer".

Nearly 2pm and only one comment! The global comment-crunch affects even the most stable of blogs, it seems. Tomorrow morning, perhaps we will find that dg's daily posts have been nationalised, apart from the comments which have been sold off to a small blog from another country with a better blog regulatory regime.

What's with the ghostly Haloscan notices? As I don't always click the 'notify me' box I often don't know there are other comments. Yet when I do I often get false positives...or what appear to be new comments I haven't read already sometimes. Does that mean you're removing some DG?

dg writes: I've never used the 'notify me' service, so I have no idea what might be causing false positives. Can I remove this comment?

At Pevensey Castle (also now well inland) there's an oubliette. The unfortunate prisoner was chained to the dungeon wall and awaited his fate at high tide.

Yeah, he romoves comments sometimes.
*whistles innocently and waits*

Very interesting. I've been to Camber and I've been to Rye and I like castles but somehow I never even knew it existed until you posted this. I must go and visit sometime (but clearly I'll have to wait until next year now!)

DG - if you do remove your response the peeps will think you didn't respond...or the Blue Witch will stir her pot etc etc....

An amazing insight into a little-known and underappreciated place.

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