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Ulla! Or should that be Aloo! (No, not a potato.)
Excellent. Love ferries like these.
Although there may have been a ferry at Shepperton 500 years ago, there wasn't one when I did the Thames Path in daily sections 30 years ago: (solution: end section 2 at Shepperton, resume section 3 from Weybridge). It was the official creation of the Thames Path which restored this and a number of other crossings, such as at Hurley, where the towpath inconveniently switched sides to suit the local riparian landowners when the Thames Navigation was first established.
As well as the two upstream of Kingston, there is another ferry downstream, linking Ham and Twickenham.

Shepperton has another transport curiosity, as the railway between there and Sunbury is an Oysterless exclave.
Can we have a series - DC rides all the ferries in greater london?
Are there many? I can only think of three: Woolwich, Canary Wharf-Rotherhithe, and Ham.

These are the only three which go straight across - although some riverbus services serve both sides
Thankfully Tom Cruise saved us.
This ferry isn't in Greater London, it is in Surrey.

And noone has noticed what was special about Shepperton on the date of the photos.
......which is why I didn't include it in my list of three.

Although traditionalists would say only one end of the ferry is in Surrey.......
"what was special about Shepperton on the photo date"

The 150th anniversary of the opening of the station.

Marked by a bus replacement service the following day. (in 2014, not 1864!)

On the day they celebrated the anniversary, back in September, they went for real authenticity by diverting the London trains to run by the original route via Twickenham.
All rihgt, three and a half, as one end of the Hampton ferry is in the GLA area
Did you notice, on the opposite bank of the river from Weybridge Mariners, a venerable boat house with a garden full of fine rowing boats? This is WLARC, Weybridge Ladies' Amateur Rowing Club, the only independent ladies only rowing club in the country, founded by Amy Gentry in the mid 1920s. Come and see us when you are passing.
This blog post now seems to be one of the top google results for shepperton weybridge ferry
At the time of writing, if you use directions on google maps to plan either a walking or transit route between Shepperton and Weybridge, it's likely to include the ferry. But be aware that the ferry probably won't run if the Environment Agency have put out a red or yellow Conditions warning for the Thames.

There's likely to be a warning out if there has recently been unusually heavy rainfall anywhere in the Thames catchment area - and you can check conditions yourself on the Environment Agency website.

If the ferry's down and you don't want to walk all the way to Walton bridge, you can walk to the town and catch a bus to St Peter's Hospital, then change for another bus to the other town - but walking to Walton bridge is likely to be quicker.
"This is a place dominated by Britons Who Like Boats, indeed if you own any of the large homes hereabouts it's probably because some nearby sleek motorised craft is at the heart of your recreational life."

DG you've captured the stereotype perfectly, this is a word for word description of the SO's family from this part of town. I can't stop laughing!

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