please empty your brain below

I had money on a zombie outbreak happening this year.

Only one more day left for that to happen.

*fingers crossed*

Its all in how you look at it. Love it.


2007 was a good year-whichever way you look at it...

Just discovered your blog, dg. Love it! Happy New Year.

I was just contemplating my 2007 survival and pondering 2008. Happy 2008 survival to you DG.

May we all continue to live in uninteresting times.

I don't think we should underestimate the help we have had from Dr Who in saving us from all these potential disasters.

What's happening in May 2008 ??

Happy New Year to all ...

i am now very scared about 08, so much so that it feels safer not to leave the house in case we were just lucky last year

2007's been a funny sort of year ... let's hope that 2008 is the same. Happy new year everyone!

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