please empty your brain below

Not to be confused with Berners Street, much further west, near Tottenham Court Road, of the famous hoax.
First, I would like to register my general appreciation of your efforts, DG, especially the wide-ranging ambit. The New River series was marvellous.

But I do not, myself, like the concentration on a gruesome series of murders.

Yes, such things do happen. And of course they must be studied, for a range of reasons, including doing what we can to make them rarer. But I find the widespread general interest rather unpleasant. With some exceptions, I prefer to be mostly interested in happy things. And happy this is not.
Best not come back tomorrow, Malcolm.
Oh, I think we should remember the bad along with the good. Victorian London was no picnic and we do well to remember that it was no golden age.
I like your writing style. "unloved old" and "unlovely new" for buildings is just great. Thanks.
Yes, it is grim, but I'm finding this respectful and unsensationalized series fascinating and very moving. Thanks DG. (Although Elisabeth Stride Street is an 'alternative' name for the street, not an 'alternate' one.)
If you especially like the 'wide ranging ambit', how can you complain when it ranges a little too wide for you?

One day, maybe, Private Eye will publish something I find offensive - but I won't write in threatening to cancel my subscription. I'll accept it as the quid pro quo for all the things others have found offensive but which I have enjoyed.

It's interesting isn't it how reading someone's writing starts to give people the idea that they can tell them what to write. (Though I'm not suggesting that Malcolm has gone that far).

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